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US Passport Information

The questions below pertain to US passport information for a diversity of situations. Choose the option below that best applies to your passport needs and click on the link to get answers to the questions listed.

General US Passport Information

Answers to the general US passport information questions.

  • What is a passport?
  • Who issues passports?
  • Who should maintain a valid U.S. passport?
  • What is the difference between a passport and visa?
  • Does a child require a passport?
  • What is the validity of a U.S. passport?
  • What is the fee for a passport?
  • Is there any reason my passport application would be denied?

How to Obtain a US Passport

Learn how to obtain a us passport.

  • Who can apply for a first time U.S. Passport?
  • How do I obtain a US Passport?

How to Apply for US Passport Renewal

Answer US passport renewal questions

  • How do I apply for an US passport renewal through the State Department?
  • How do I apply for an US passport renewal through a US passport expedition service?

Child Passport for Minor

Answers to the child passport questions below.

  • Does my child need his/her own passport?
  • How do I get a child passport for minor?
  • Do passport applications for minors require the consent of a parent or legal guardian?
  • What is the Children's Passport Issuance Alert Program (CPIAP)?
  • My child is too young to sign his/her own passport. How do I sign my child's passport?
  • For how long will my child's passport be valid?

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