Turkey Entry Requirments

turkey visa and immigration stamps in US passport for Istanbul TurkeyA passport with 6 months remaining validity and visa for Turkey are required. Visas on arrival are no longer available at airports for foreign travelers. Those traveling to Turkey for 90 days within a 6-month period may apply for a multiple-entry e-visa at www.evisa.gov.tr. Also, you may apply visas with different validity periods at the Turkish embassy or consulates. Alternatively, travelers can use a registered visa service to get a Turkey visa quickly.

Official and diplomatic passports holders traveling on official business must obtain a visa from a Turkish embassy or consulate before arriving in Turkey.

All travelers planning to stay more than three months for any purpose are required to obtain a Turkey visa from a Turkish embassy or consulate. Such travelers must also apply for a residence/work permit or Turkish ID card within the first month of their arrival in Turkey. This includes anyone who plans to spend more than three months doing research, studying, or working in Turkey. When planning to stay for a longer duration, travelers must obtain an extension permit prior to expiration of one's visit.

All travelers are advised to obtain entry stamps on the passport page containing their visa at the first port of entry before transferring to domestic flights. Failure to obtain entry stamps at the port of entry may cause serious difficulties for travelers when they attempt to depart the country. On multiple occasions, Turkish authorities have detained travelers overnight in such situations.

It is very important that you do not stay beyond the date permitted by your visa or residency permit. Once a traveler has stayed beyond the date permitted in their visa or residency permit, he or she will be subject to deportation, a fine, and a travel ban restricting their return to Turkey for a period of between three months to five years. The time of the ban is determined by the length of time of the "overstay".

Crossing the border with Iraq can be time-consuming, as the Turkish Government tightly controls entry and exit. All travelers wishing to cross into Iraq from Turkey must still have a valid travel document, such as a passport. In fact, travelers wishing to enter Turkey from any of its neighboring countries around Turkey must have both a valid travel document and current Turkish visa.

Travelers can obtain more information in the United States by contacting the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey at 2525 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008, telephone: (202) 612-6700, or the Turkish Consulates General in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, or New York. Visit the Embassy of Turkey web site for the most current visa information. Overseas, travelers may contact a Turkish embassy or consulate.

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