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Top 3 Reasons to Get a Second Passport

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It used to be, before World War I, that a person could travel virtually anywhere on the planet visa free. Fast forward nearly a century, and more countries require visas from at least some countries to enter. There is always an element of human control in the decision to require a visa. In response, it is becoming increasingly popular to hold two passports from two different countries.

The biggest reason to travel with two passports is freedom. A U.S. passport is a high-value passport in the world of travel, because it allows you the freedom of traveling to 174 countries visa-free. However, 16 other countries provide similar visa free travel to between 170 and 173 countries. A second passport from one of these countries would give you equal travel freedom, and a choice of which to use when. For example, several South American countries charge hefty visa fees to entering U.S. citizens, but not to citizens of many other countries. It's easy to see why you would not want to enter with your U.S. passport.

Holding two passports can provide another layer of travel safety. U.S. foreign policy is sometimes perceived outside of the country as a little bullying. Some countries respond with resentment and see the American traveler as a symbol of the American government. Traveling to countries that are on the outs with the U.S. can present security risks to targeted U.S. travelers that can be avoided by presenting an alternative passport perceived as more friendly.

Having a second passport helps protect your freedom as a global citizen. The United States, like every other country, has the power to revoke your citizenship and your passport. They can also restrict your travel through the use of your passport. If you find yourself in the middle of an international misunderstanding or conflict, a second passport may provide the refuge you need while you sort out your life.

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