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Ticket is issued in my maiden name, my passport is in my married name.

by Lisa
(St. Augustine, FL)

Question: When I made my reservations with Price Line, my passport was still under my maiden name (that was in March/April). I had to cancel since my husband got sick. I want to use my credit with Price Line again since my husband is better now. I have since renewed my passport with my married name because it expired in June. I haven't received it yet, but I should be getting it shortly. I plan on going to Jamaica in September. Now Price Line says I can't get on the plane with my new passport with my married name since the ticket was in my maiden name. First they said they could do it for $150, then it was for $ they say I can't do it at all. Is this true? My trip is paid for and I have already lost some money since I had to cancel. Can I still board the plane with the ticket in my maiden name and my passport in my married name? Can you please help me by answering my question? Thank you so much.

PS Can I bring my marriage license that shows my maiden name on it?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer. TSA's Secure Flight Program requires both the name in your passport and the one on your ticket be an exact match. However, many people find themselves in your situation. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blog posts and forum threads that discuss airline ticket and passport with different names. From all that we have gathered, here are our conclusions.

1. It is quite difficult, if not impossible, to get the name changed on your ticket. If you do happen to
find someone willing to assume responsibility and change your name, you will probably be charged a considerable fee.

2. The vast majority of people end up traveling without changing one's name to match the other.

3. We have never read of anyone who was denied boarding because they had one name on the ticket and another in the passport, especially in the case of maiden and married names.

Following are some recommendations.

1. Contact the airline directly and attempt to change the name on your ticket. If you are told that it is not possible or that you will be charged a fee, ask if the representative can just make a note to the fact that your ticket was purchased in your maiden name but your passport has your married name in it.

2. Along with your current passport, take your old passport that has your maiden name in it, evidence of the legal name change (e.g., marriage certificate and your driver's license. Take your old and new driver's license with you if you have both. If you have not updated your driver's license, then don't. This way you will have an ID with your maiden name (driver's license) and another with your married name (passport). TSA's website states that the purpose of the Secure Flight Program is "to ensure your identification and boarding pass are authentic and validate you are who you say you are." I think that they can do that if you provide the document listed here.

3. Arrive early at the airport. Give plenty of time to work out any problems that may arise due to this issue. If you follow the first two recommendations, there won't be any problem but it's best to be prepared.

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Maiden name on passport and Married Name on Ticket
by: Lyne

Question: Hello,

I will be going to Canada to visit my family. I will be carrying my Philippine passport under maiden name which was issued just last year but the ticket purchased is under my married name, as also shown on my green card. I also applied for my ETA as requirement to entry Canada under my maiden name. I tried to call the agency for this concern and they are charging me $75 although I asked them if they could just put a note about my issue. I hope I could get a clearer response here. I am so stressed for a couple of weeks now about this matter.

Thank you and God bless.

Answer: As part of the TSA's Secure Flight Program, the names on airline tickets must match the name on passports. We recommend that you contact the airline you are traveling with to see if they can provide a solution for the name mismatch.

There should be no issues with your ETA since it is in the same name as on your passport. We recommend you contact the Canada Border Service Agency for more information.

Passport and Green Card name does not match
by: Anonymous

Question: I have my maiden name on my passport and my maiden name plus husband's last name on my Green Card? Can I reenter USA after traveling abroad even if last names does not match? My airplane company told me that passport name has to match with ticket name. What should I do to make sure I will not have problem to return to USA?

Answer: While name on your ticket should match the name in your passport, there should be no problem reentering the United States as long as both your passport and green card are valid at time of entry. You should carry your marriage certificate, also.

Passport previews last name
by: Lovely

Question: I remarried me and my husband we planning a trip to Philippines. My passport is not expired yet and I'm buying the plane ticket. Do I need to use my previous last name that is on my passport to match the name on the plane ticket.

Answer: Yes, the name on your ticket should match the name in your passport. Please contact the airlines for more information.

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