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Passport for minors 16-17

Question: I am a 16-year-old US citizen by birth. Can I apply for my US passport card renewal by myself? My mom has a problem proving her name change and her identity case is still ongoing. At the same time, because of her name change case, I’m stuck in a foreign country with my expired passport for almost two years.

We applied at the US embassy before my passport expired (submitted Form DS-11 and paid the passport fee) but, as I was under 16, the consul refused to issue my passport with out my mom’s identity.

Can I apply for my passport now? I still have twp previously-issued passport books and certified birth certificate to prove my citizenship. Or, do I have to wait for my mom’s endless name change case and stay with out any valid personal identification in a foreign country?

Answer: Minors age 16 can appear without parents in order to apply for a passport. You must present the completed, unsigned Form DS-11 along with evidence of U.S. citizenship, proof of identity, photocopy of identification document and one recent passport photo.

The consul MAY request written consent from your parent(s) if it is not implied on the passport application. If a consent form is required, you face the same problems concerning your mother's lack of acceptable identification.

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Witness signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I applied for a passport renewal for my 17yr old who only has a student ID. He signed as well as my husband and I signed as consenting parents. The passport application was rejected stated he needs to sign. We resubmitted the application with my husband and my 17-year-old's signature and it was rejected once again. Not sure what we are doing wrong; the passport agency insists that a parent has to sign as a witness on the passport application.

Answer: What form did you use?

I'm 17
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm 17 trying to get a passport for a trip! My dad has no time to go to the post office because of work. I was wondering how would you prove the consent to the people working there.

Answer: The consent can be implied by your dad writing the check for the fees. He can also provide a letter of consent (does not need to be notarized) plus a photocopy of his ID.

17-year-old wants a passport
by: Charlotte

Answer: My granddaughter is 17 has my address on her driver's license. She lives with her mom now at a different address. Her mom can’t go to sign papers but her dad can but also has a different address. Can she still get a passport?

Answer: Yes, she can. The address will not matter.

passport for a 17 year old
by: john wicker

Question: We have a 17-year-old that's living with my wife and myself. Her parents are apart and not willing to help us sign her paperwork. Any ideas so she can attend her mission trip in Feb 2016.

Answer: Children ages 16-17 with their own identification can apply for a passport by themselves.

Although the two-parent consent requirement does not apply to children aged 16 or 17, per Department regulations a passport generally will not be issued to a child if a parent or legal guardian who has custodial rights over a child has notified the Department in writing that he or she objects to issuance of the passport.

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