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Passport ASAP

Passport ASAP - is now part of Visa HQ, one of our top recommended passport and visa expediting service. Since 2003, this expediter has provided online passport and visa services enabling travelers who need to obtain travel documents in a hurry to apply online for expedited visa service to virtually any country in the world and expedited passport service as fast as one day.

Expediting Services

  • New Passports
  • Passport Renewals
  • Replacement for Damaged, Lost or Stolen Passports
  • Passport for Minors
  • Change of Name
  • Second Passport

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Processing Fees

  • 9-11 business days = $109 + government fees
  • 5-7 business days = $179 + government fees
  • 2-4 business days = $249 + government fees

Travel Visa Processing

The fee for expedited visa processing depends on the country.

Additional Travel Services

  • Visa Processing for Corporate Accounts
  • Visa Processing for Travel Agencies
  • Embassy Information
  • Travel Tips for Popular Destinations

Forms of Payment

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Google Checkout
  • GSA Smart Pay

Contact Information

  • Web Site: www.visahq.com
  • Address: VisaHQ.com | Embassy Row | 2005 Massachusetts Avenue | Washington, DC 20036
  • Phone: Toll-free: 800-345-6541 | DC Metro: 202-558-2216 | Fax: 202-318-4504
  • E-mail: infoATVisaHQ.com

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