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I received my passport but where are my supporting documents?

by Michelle
(San Francisco, CA)

Question: I recently applied for and received a new passport due to a marital name change, however I only received my new passport, and I would like to receive my original passport back for record keeping purposes as well as my original copy of my marriage certificate. How can I obtain this back?

Answer: Your original passport and marriage certificate should arrive soon. These documents are usually sent separately from the new passport. If they do not arrive after a couple of weeks, please contact the National Passport Information Center by calling 1-877-487-2778 toll free.

Automated Passport Information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can speak with a representative Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., EST, excluding federal holidays.

I haven't got my old passport.

Question: I received my new passport in July, but haven't got my old passport and supporting documents yet. Also, my address has been changed. I called NPIC many times, but haven't been able to talk to a customer service representative.

Answer: It is possible that your documents have arrived at your old address and have been returned to sender. You need to contact the NPIC again to clarify. Lines are very busy so you need to try several times during the day to reach someone.

Certificate of Naturalization
by: Josy Mariande

Question: I received my passport, but my original certificate of naturalization is missing. Where can I get the tracking number of my support documents to get information about it?

Answer: Supporting documents are returned through regular non-traceable mail. There is no tracking number available.

Received Supporting documents but missing one
by: Diana

Question: Hi. I received all 3 new passports and all supporting documents, except for one of my sons' birth certificates. I received his court custody documents but not his birth certificate. I have tried to speak to someone for weeks now and have not had any luck. What should I do?

Answer: Hi, Diana. At this point, you can only wait for the document to arrive. Since the other documents have been returned, it is safe to assume that the missing document will also arrive. Delivery is probably just delayed.

Supporting documents not received after 3 months of receiving original passport

Question: My children's passports were delivered in late March but we have not received my and my husband's original naturalization certificates and my kids' original birth certificates.

Have called the NPIC number several times, on line for a minimum of two hours each time, and emailed them too with no success. Please what do I do? Need advice. Thanks.

Answer: Supporting documents are not mailed through a traceable delivery method so there is no way of tracking. All you can do is confirm with the NPIC at the documents have been sent your way and wait until it arrives.

Where are my original docs?

Question: We received our passports mid-May and it's almost July. After reading through these comments it seems we likely won’t be receiving these back. Just not sure why we paid so much for passport fees for you to lose our docs on top of it all. Also, it seems this is a pretty significant problem you all have. Maybe you should work on your administrative and organizational skills.

Answer: Hello! We are a privately-run company and do not have access to the government's data. Please contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 to confirm that your documents were mailed back.

Passport and birth certificate missing
by: Anonymous

Question: I applied for a passport 2 -3 months ago and I haven't received anything. They sent me a letter saying there's was something wrong with the documents and to fix it and I did. I have not received anything yet and I need my birth certificate to get an ID. What do I do?

Answer: Standard processing takes 10 to 12 week. Since there were missing documents, you can expect delays in the processing. At this time, your passport may still be in process.

You may check the status of the application here: http://uspsg.net/status/

Once the process is completed, your new passport and birth certificate will be sent to you in separate mailings.

Did Not Receive Citizenship Certificate Back

Question: I applied for my passport and received it in Jan 2020. However, up to now (March - 2 months later)I have not received my Citizenship Certificate back and the 877 number does not seem to have any information except to wait. How do I escalate this matter as I need the document urgently for another process?

Answer: If passport services has confirmed that the document has been mailed back and advised you to wait, the problem may be with the courier.

Unfortunately, supporting documents are not sent back using traceable mail so it will be difficult to track the package. USPS is receiving an unprecedented volume of mail which may also account for the delay. Moreover, there is a percentage of mail that gets lost while in transit or upon arrival at its destination. We recommend that you contact the local post office to see if there is something they can do to help you.

Missing Name change document
by: Anonymous

Question: I am missing my original name change document, it’s past 1 month since I got my passport book and naturalizations documents.

I need the name change document to update social security, get a new California ID, have upcoming licensing exam which I need to show proof of name. I sent a missing document request letter still no response, customer service can’t help nor provide status of my document since LA passport office closed due to COVID. Since you are not open to public, do you operate indoor. Please help! Can someone please help? Thanks.

Answer: Due to the current health situation, delays are to be expected across government services. Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 for more information.

Passport never received
by: Anonymous

Question: I apply for my third passport. I sent all my info, payment and everything and never received nothing not even my birth certificates and I know one of the ones is already expired. I need my passport because I live in the border. What can I do? Can I apply again?

Answer: The Department of State gives you 90 days to file Form DS-86 Statement of Non-Receipt of U.S. Passport. If it has been over 90 days, you need to submit a new application.

To find out when the passport was issued, you may call the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 or check the status here: https://passportstatus.state.gov/.

Naturalization certificate
by: Kaur

Question: I received my passport within 2 weeks but I haven’t received my original naturalization certificate.

Answer: It should arrive soon. Supporting documents are sent in separate mailings after final review by the State Department.

Lost birth certificate
by: David

Question: My kids birth certificates were never returned from the passport bureau. I called the number and they said to get a copy. Is there a way of getting original back from somewhere?

Answer: The documents are supposed to be returned after final review by the State Department. Please reach out to passport services through their feedback page.

Did Not Get Passport Card or Old Passport
by: Larry

Question: Hi, I got my new passport in the mail today, but I did not get my passport card nor my old expired - holes punched passport - back. When should I expect to get them back? Thank you, Larry

Answer: Hello, Larry. Supporting documents and passport cards are sent in a separate mailing. They should be in the mail soon.

Same day passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I applied for my first passport in a post office but I just recently heard about getting a same day passport at a passport agency, would I have to pay the government fee again if I go and try to get a same day passport?

Answer: You may apply at a regional agency if you can present proof of immediate international travel. Still, while same-day service is available, there are no guarantees except that you will get your passport in 1 to 8 business days.

I need my divorce decree back, please.
by: Natalie

Question: I never got my original divorce decree back, and now the SSA needs it to change my name to my new married name. Please advise.

Answer: Hello, Natalie. If you just received your passport, the supporting document for your name change should be in the mail within the next few days.

Birth Certificate and Expedited Service Fee
by: Adavid

Question: I'd like my birth certificate back along with the money I paid for expedited service. I'd like it back asap!? Please.

Answer: Birth certificates are returned after the application has been processed and the passport either issued or denied. The document may be sent separately from the passport so it can arrive on a different day.

If you applied directly, please see how to get a refund for expedited passport service.

If you applied through an expedited passport courier service, then you need to contact the company through which you applied.

Return to Supporting Documents for Passports FAQ.

Click for reliable expedited passport courier service.


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