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Expedited Release from Passport Denial Program

by Kelly
(Portland Oregon )

Question I applied for an expedited passport and was denied due to child support arrears. I am current and up to date on all child support payments.

How long will it take for the child support division to report to the HSS division to remove me from the list? Can this be accomplished in less then two weeks to catch my flight for May 1st? Is it something that can be rushed with phone calls and faxes or will it all get delayed in the mess and make me not get my passport in time?

Answer: You can call OCSE at (202)401-9373. They will refer you to the certifying state.

An obligor will usually be eligible to receive his/her passport approximately two to seven working days after OCSE receives notification from the state of their withdrawal from the program. This is the average time it takes an individual to clear the system; some cases may take longer.

Once the obligor is eligible to receive the passport, he/she may contact the National Passport Information Center (1-877-487-2778) and provide the customer service agent (CSA) with the clearance date. The CSA will contact the appropriate Passport Agency to notify them of the clearance. The Passport Agency will mail the passport to the obligor within two to five business days.

If desired, the obligor can arrange with the CSA to pay an additional fee to expedite the process. For further information on how to speed the processing of your passport, visit the following website:

Expedited Passport Services

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by: Robin Lefebres

Question: I was told by the US Department of Health and Human Services office that even though I do not have an appointment and my application is in process, I am able to potentially go to the Miami office as a walk-in if I get there early enough. Is this true or am I wasting a trip?

Answer: Before the pandemic, some applicants are able to walk in if they arrive early. However, this changed during and after COVID. All regional passport agencies now operate on an appointment basis only. You should call 1-877-487-2778 for an appointment before making the trip.

Expedite passport after obtaining new birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: Can you explain the process to expedite passport after getting new birth certificate. Sorry. Didn't know how/where to post a question.

Answer: You can apply for expedited service when you submit your application for a new passport at an acceptance facility.

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High demand and mailing delays are impacting how long it takes to get a passport.

  • Standard service is currently taking between 10 and 13 weeks.
  • Expedited service is currently taking between 7 to 9 weeks.

NOTE: Processing times begin when applications are received at a passport agency or center. Requesting 1-2-day mailing service is recommended.

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