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Does you passport number change when you change names?

Question: I am getting married on July 31 and am traveling to Europe on September 3rd and again on November 20th. I would like to change my name after I am married but I need to buy airline tickets before I am married. Often you have to enter your passport number when booking international tickets. Does the number stay the same and does your name just change? In that case could I book the tickets in my married name and keep the same passport number and then expedite my name change?

I have two trips to Europe planned to see family and I don't know whether to change names before both trips or in between the trips. I need to book both tickets before I get my name officially changed. Thank you.

Answer: Since U.S. passports are no longer amended, you will be issued a new passport with a new number when you apply for the name change.

You can apply for the name change after you return from the first trip to Europe. Just remember to book your airline ticket in your maiden name.

Note, you will need your original marriage certificate in order to apply for the name change. Since some states takes as much as 8 weeks to process these documents, you should request express service if it is available.

For more information about the process, click the link below.

How to Change Name in Passport

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Maiden name on passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I was married in Nov 2018 and changed my name on all documents except my passport in Jan 2019. I have not yet changed my passport. I’m planning to travel internationally in May 2020 and was going to get my passport changed before then. But I just found a good deal on tickets. Can I buy the tickets and travel using my maiden name and passport, or should I wait to buy tickets until I’ve changed the passport? I have traveled domestically under my married name since the name change.

Answer: You may book your tickets trave in your maiden name as long as your passport still meets the validity requirement of your destination country.

Name Change
by: Newly Married

Question: I was married in June 2018. All of my identification except my US Passport has been changed to my new name.

I have an international trip scheduled for Dec 2018 and Jan 2019. Is it mandatory that I change my name on my passport or can I travel with the current passport (with old name) and present my marriage license to customs along with the current passport.

Answer: You may travel with your current passport in your maiden name if your tickets are also booked in the same name. However, if your tickets are in your married name, you need to apply for a renewal with name change to avoid issues with TSA.

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