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Comments for Do I need to get a new passport if my name has changed due to marriage?

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Middle name changed but not last name
by: Anonymous

Question: I got married and took my spouse's last name as my new middle name. My last name has not changed and is still the same on my passport. Will I have to apply for a new passport because I changed my middle name?

Answer: There is no need to apply for a new passport. Just make sure to book tickets to match your passport should you decide to travel.

Last name still under maiden name
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm married but my birth certificate and license are under my maiden name. Do I still need to show my marriage license?

Answer: If you are applying for a passport in your married name, you need to have your ID in your married name as well. There will be no need to submit your marriage certificate (not license).

If you are applying for a passport in your maiden name, there is no need to submit other documents.

Traveling in 6 weeks
by: Anonymous

Question: I have recently gotten married and I travel in six weeks. I’ve heard the application to update my passport takes five weeks. Should I send in the application? I’ve been told that I can bring my marriage license. And use my old passport. Should I send the old passport with the application?

Answer: As long as your tickets are booked in the name that appears on your passport, you can still travel with it. Otherwise, you need to either change your booking or update your passport.

Standard service currently takes 6 to 9 weeks while expedited service takes 3 to 5 weeks. These processing times do not include shipping times on the front and back end. Keeping in mind that we are in the middle of the holiday season, mailing and delivery may be delayed.

If you need to update your passport, we recommend going through a courier service. Expediters charge an additional fee but you are guaranteed to get your updated passport in time. Rush My Passport is a registered courier that can get your passport in as fast as a couple of days.

Rush My Passport Name Change

Original marriage certificate or certified
by: Kelli

Question: For a name change on a passport due to marriage, do I send in the original marriage certificate or a certified copy? If certified, where do I get such a copy? This update is within a year of my passport application and receipt.

Answer: You may send the original or a certified copy. You may request one from the vital records office of the city/state where your marriage is registered.

New passport under married name
by: TonyD

Question: My wife just Naturalized as a US Citizen. But her Certificate of Naturalization shows her Maiden Name, instead of her Married Name. Her Green Card, ID, and Social Security Card are under her married name. If she applies for a US Passport, can she attach the Marriage and Naturalization Certificate, and have the passport under her Married Name? I've looked and can't find answers to this specific issue. Thank you all.

Answer: There is no need to include her marriage certificate since her IDs are in her married name. The passport will be issued in her married name since it is supported by her identification documents.

Marriage Certificate Does Not Show Name Change
by: Anonymous

Question: So I was recently married, and I want to renew my passport to reflect the change in my last name. But my marriage certificate still shows my maiden name on the marriage certificate, which is on my old passport.

Where do I put my new last name on the application? Do I enter that in section 1 even though it does not match the marriage certificate or my previous airport? Or is it on page 2 where they ask for the applicant's name?

Answer: Enter your new name on Question 1 (page 1) and on top of page 2. Your old name must be indicated in Questions 9 and 10.

The marriage certificate will be accepted as proof of legal name change since it also lists your spouse's last name.

by: Anonymous

Question: Hi, I recently got married in the past 6 months but also renewed my passport last year. I have not and am not planning on changing my name, do I still need to renew my passport?

Answer: If you are not changing your name, you may keep your passport as it is. Make sure to book tickets in the name that appears in your passport to avoid issues when you travel.

DS - 82 form
by: Anonymous

Question: For question 11 on this form, is it the date and place of the wedding for the name change, or is it when you officially changed your name through social security?

Answer: Please enter the date and place where the marriage was actually solemnized.

Updated passport
by: Toni

Question: I’m still waiting for my updated passport with my new name. I sent in my marriage license a few months ago. When will I get my marriage license back?

Answer: Hello, Toni. Routine processing takes 10 to 12 weeks to complete. If it has been more than 12 weeks since submission, you may have received communication from passport services about missing documents or an error in your application.

You mentioned that you submitted your marriage license. In order to change the name on a passport due to marriage, the original or a certified copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted, not the license. If it was indeed the license that you sent, it is most likely the issue.

You may check the status of your application online/ or you may contact passport services at 1-877-487-2778 to check and follow up.

All supporting documents will be returned to the applicant by mail once processing is completed. It will arrive in a separate mailing from the new passport.

New Marriage
by: April

Question: What if you are using your passport very shortly after the marriage, and you're leaving the US for the UK? Is it going to be a problem? I don't see them issuing a new passport that quickly.

Answer: You may use your current passport as long as your tickets are booked in the name that appears in it.

Check for payment
by: Anonymous

Question: The instructions say the check for payments should show the full name. If this is for a name change, does it need to have the MARRIED full name on the check?

Answer: The name on the check must be the name you filled in on the application form.

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