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What is the End. # on the passport application form?

by Tina

Question: On page 1 of passport application on the top right hand corner there is a box with letters which you have to check off. They look like this:

[ ]R [ ]D [ ]O [ ]DP

END. #__________ Exp__________

I know what the Exp is but what is the End. # and what are those letters for? Where would I find them on the passport to fill out the right answer?

Answer: The space in the top right corner of the passport application form is for the passport agent to fill in. You should NOT write in this space.

After checking the box(es) for a passport book, passport card or both, complete the spaces that follow the numbers.

Remember not to sign the application until you are requested to do so by an authorized agent.

If you need to locate a nearby passport application acceptance facility, click the link below.

New York Passport Offices

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