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What do I do if I accidentally signed my husband's passport?

Question: Recently, we were on a cruise in the Caribbean and when we were exiting the ship in Miami the agent told me that I needed to sign my passport which I did.

After going through customs, I discovered, to my dismay, that I had signed my husband's passport! He had mine and I had his. At some point earlier I had signed mine and he had not. What do we do now? The passport is valid until 2020 as we had just had our passports renewed last spring. Thank you for your help.

Answer: All you need to do is draw a straight line through your signature and your husband can sign his name above it.

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Signed Passport with middle and last name only
by: Anonymous

Question: I always use my middle name as my first name even though it isn't. My passport, however, has my full name on the ID page. But without thinking, I only signed it with my middle and last name. I heard that you can strike one line through it and re-write the correct signature above it, so that's what I did. I leave to go to Europe in 2 days, so I really need to know if this will cause me any issues.

Answer: It will not be an issue.

by: Anonymous

Question: Hi, I signed my passport with my first and last name, not realizing I had to use my signature which is only my initials. What can I do? Will that be okay?

Answer: It should be okay. But if you want to affix your signature, you can just draw a straight line across your name then sign right above or below it.

Wrong signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I had a Freudian/senior moment and signed my maiden name instead of my married name to my renewed passport. How do I remedy?

Answer: You may leave it as is if you want. Or you can simply strike a single line through the mistake and sign the correct signature.

by: Anonymous

Question: I accidentally signed my husband's passport and customs at the airport entering Honduras told us to leave it alone and not cross out the signature. If he does sign his name, are we going to have problems leaving and entering the US if customs does happen to notice?

Question: The correct procedure according to the Department of State is to strike one line through the incorrect signature and sign correctly either above or below. If you are concerned about traveling with the passport either way, we recommend your husband apply for a renewal. He will have to pay the application fee in order to get a new passport.

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