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Get Ready to Travel to Brazil

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro.
Image by EkaterinaBelova/DepositPhotos

If you plan to travel to Brazil, the following articles will help you better understand the country and the many wonderful attractions it offers tourists.

Brazil Travel Articles

Tropical Islands in Brazil
Four islands well worth the visit. You've probably never heard of most, if not all, of them but you definitely should get to know them.

Top Rio de Janeiro Attractions
You're headed to Rio and you only have a week for sightseeing. What are the "must see" attractions in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro?

5 of the Best Tourist Cities in Brazil
Plan your travel to Brazil with general information and insightful articles. Find interesting facts and useful travel tips for Brazil travelers.

Top 5 Natural Attractions of Brazil
Discover 5 spectacular natural attractions in Brazil. If you love nature and are planning to travel to Brazil, you will want to see these sites.

Fun Facts about Brazil
Use Brazil travel guide information about climate, culture, destinations and attractions to assist you in planning a memorable vacation to Brazil.

Brazil Travel Guide
Use Brazil travel guide information about climate, culture, destinations and attractions to assist you in planning a memorable vacation to Brazil.

Best Beaches in Brazil
List of the best beaches in Brazil. Get descriptions and locations and check out the beauty of these Brazil beach pictures.

Brazil's Five Regions
Discover aspects of Brazil's five regions - North, Northeast, Central West, Southeast and South - and what attractions each one offer those who travel there.

Ten Magical Places of Brazil
Brazil is a country that is full of life and full of color. Ten must-go-to places if you are going to Brazil.

Historic Landmarks of Brazil
Brazil has a wealth of historic landmarks starting with the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro. There are many historic cities like Ouro Preto, SÃÆ’ƒÃ‚£o JoÃÆ’ƒÃ‚£o del Rei and Congonhas in Minas Gerais. Learn about these and more.

Backpacking in Brazil
Backpacking in Brazil can be a rich and rewarding experience. The country is replete with many natural wonders and the people are friendly and festive. As with any destination, there are some things you should be aware of if you plan to go there to backpack. Check out these tips.

Brazil Travel Visa
Step-by-step instruction on how to apply for visa to Brazil for tourism, work, study or business. Download applications and discover fees for each type of Brazil visa.

Brazil Entry Requirements
List of documents that are required in order to receive permission to enter Brazil.

Brazilian Food
Discover popular dishes in the various regions of Brazil.

Get Brazil Visa Fast
Apply online to get your Brazil visa quickly and avoid the hassle of waiting and wondering if it will arrive on time. No need to travel to a consulate when an expediter can do it for you.

General Brazil Information

Brazil Economy
State of the economy in Brazil. Historical perspective and current factors affecting the economic situation in the country.

Brazil Geography
Information concerning the size and location, topography and climate, principal rivers, and other geographic details of Brazil.

Brazil Government
Learn about Brazil's government. Information about the country's independence, constitution, administrative divisions, political parties, and more.

Brazil Map
Access maps of Brazil to learn about the different regions, states and cities. Check out topographical data and distance between locations.

Brazil Population
Find out the population of Brazil and its growth over time. Learn about the most populous cities and where they are located.

Brazil Religions
Brazil is referred to as a Catholic nation but religion is acutally quite diverse there. Find out what other religions exist there, which are growing and which are not.

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