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Tajikistan Entry Requirements

Tajikistan Map

To enter Tajikistan, visitors are required to have a valid passport with at least 3 months remaining validity from date of entry as well as the appropriate visa. Beginning January 1, 2022, U.S. citizens are eligible for visa-free entry into Tajikistan for stays lasting no more than 30 days (non-extendable), regardless of the purpose of travel. Registration within 10 days of arrival at the nearest Department of Visas and Registration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR) is required. Registration costs 180 Tajik Somoni and takes up to three business days. Failure to register or loss of registration form can result in fines and delay your departure. Tourists should seek registration assistance from their hotel or tour operator.

Tajikistan Tourist E-Visas and T-Visas

tajikstan-evisa-homepageTajikistan has a simplified online e-visa systemthat allows tourists to apply online instead of in person at an embassy or consulate. The Tajik tourist e-visas are valid for 90 days and allow a tourist single entry and a stay of up to 60 days (upgraded from 45 days prior to 2020). Those who have an e-visa may enter Tajikistan through Dushanbe International Airport or through land border crossings. The current cost is $50 per e-visa.

A tourist visa (T-visa) may also be issued upon arrival at the Tajik Consular Unit in Dushanbe International Airport. T-visas allow single entry and a stay of 20-30 days. Visitors must leave BEFORE the expiration date of the visa.

Applying for a Visa at a Tajikistan Embassy or Consulate

If an e-visa is inconvenient or inappropriate for your specific travel circumstances, traditional visas may be obtained upon arrival or secured in advance. Much depends upon the country from which you travel to Tajikistan as access to a Tajik embassy or consulate is required.

Especially if time is of the essence, enlisting the help of a visa expediting service can help get you the travel documents you need in a hurry. These services are experts in the ins-and-outs of Tajikistan's travel regulations and can be extremely helpful in ensuring your documentation is in order and processed efficiently.

The following countries have Tajik embassies or consulates within the their borders:

  • Afghanistan
  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • India
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Uzbekistan

Applying for Other Types of Tajikistan Visas

To apply for any type of visa other than a tourist visa, visitors must provide a letter from the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). With this letter, visitors are able to apply for their visa when they arrive at Dushanbe International Airport.

In order to secure these letters, travelers must have the support of a private resident or organization in Tajikistan. Organizations may apply directly to the MFA for the visa-support letter, while private residents must first apply to the Department of Visas and Registration (OVIR) in order to get a notification letter.

Once in possession of the notification letter (processing for which may take up to 45 days) the private resident may apply for the visa-support letter from the MFA.

You must obtain a visa registration stamp within the first two days of your visit to Tajikistan, if you plan to remain in the country for more than two days. Only tourists who will be staying for less than 45 days need not obtain a stamp. Travelers must register with the MFA, except for official travelers, journalists, and international organization employees, who must register with OVIR.

Some hotels in Dushanbe may register their guests, but don't assume this is the case unless you confirm with your hotel. Travelers may not be permitted to leave without this stamp.

Special Circumstances and Considerations

  • Length of stay is determined by the date you enter Tajikistan and the date you leave. Time has no bearing. The calendar day you enter and the calendar day you leaver count towards your stay total.
  • Visitors who plan to enter the Gorno-Badakshan region must apply for a permit in advance. This permit is available at Tajik embassies and consulates, and visitors may also apply to the MFA or OVIR once they are in Tajikistan. If sponsors are applying for a permit on your behalf, they should do so at least two weeks before you plan to travel to the region. There is an additional $20 fee for this permit on your Tajik visa. Be advised, these permits are not available upon arrival.
  • Double-entry visas do not exist in Tajikistan. You will need to secure single-entry visas for each planned entry into the country.
  • Visiting the Saturday Ishkashim border market in Afghanistan is possible with a Tajikistan tourist visa. If you are willing to leave your passport with the Tajik border guards while you visit the market, you will not need an Afghan visa. You simply pick up your passport upon returning to the border crossing.
  • In the event of an emergency, there may be limited routes and transportation options for leaving Tajikistan. Travelers can maximize their exit options by having extended visas for countries that provide regular service in and out of the country.
  • If you will be staying in Tajikistan for more than 90 days as a visitor or resident, you must either show proof of negative HIV status or submit to an HIV test in Tajikistan.
  • Travelers who will be transiting via Russia on their way to and from Tajikistan should be aware of Russian visa requirements. Russia requires travelers to have transit visas, even if they remain in the airport and never pass through immigration.

For the most current information about entry requirements for Tajikistan, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan. The embassy is located at 1005 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington DC 20037, and can be reached by telephone at (202) 223-6090.

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