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San Francisco Passport Agency Expedited Service

Downtown San FranciscoYou can get a passport in San Francisco as quickly as the same day at the regional passport agency. That's good news if your flight is only a couple of days away and you just realized your previously-issued passport is expired or yours does not have suffienct validity to get the visa you need.

While getting a passport that fast is possible, it's not guaranteed. The more you understand the requirements and process, the better your chance of getting your travel document in a timely manner. Below are the steps to help you get your passport the fastest way possible.

The San Francisco Passport Agency is located at 450 Golden Gate Ave., 3rd Floor, Suite #3-2501 (map and directions below). Hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays. The agency is closed on weekends and federal holidays.

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Schedule an Appointment

The Department of State's website states that applicants are required to make an appointment. If you call, a representative will inform you that you need to schedule an appointment. Appointments can also be made through the new online appointment system.

However, the San Francisco passport agency does accept applications from those who do not have an appointment. The problem is that applicants with an appointment are given priority. Depending on how many appointments have been scheduled for that day and when you arrive at the agency, you may or may not get to submit your application.

Recommendation: Schedule an appointment by calling the 1-877-487-2778. If you cannot get through because the line is always busy or there is no available appointment prior to your departure date, visit the agency without an appointment. If you absolutely must have your passport the same day and do not want to take the risk of not getting it, contact an expedited passport courier service.

Complete the Application Form

While the agency does have application forms on site, we recommend you complete the form before you arrive. There are a couple of ways to do this.

One, complete the online passport application and then print it. Another option is to download the form you need, print it and complete the application off-line. If you choose the latter, be sure to use black ink and write legibly. Verify that all data is correct. Mistakes can lead to delays.

Gather Required Documents

First of all, you will need evidence of travel. The passport agency in San Francisco expedites passports for U.S. citizens who plan to travel abroad within 14 days or 30 days if a visa is also required. You must provide a printed copy of your itinerary, hotel reservation or other proof of travel.

The supporting documents that you are required to submit depend on the service that you require whether a new passport, renewal, name change, added pages or corrections.

You can choose the type of passport service you need from the menu on the left to access a complete list of required documents. Most services also require a recent passport photo. You can find places in San Francisco do get one here.

Visit the Agency

If you have an appointment, arrive about 15 minutes early. Late arrivals, 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment, will have to reschedule their appointments. You will need the confirmation number you received when you scheduled the appointment.

What time should you arrive if you do not have an appointment? That is a difficult question to answer. Some days, applicants start arriving as early as 5:00 am. By 8:00, there can be as many as 50 or more people in line. Other days, you can get to the agency at 7:30 to find only a handful of people.

Recommendation: If you have an emergency situation that requires you get a passport the same day, arrive as early as possible. Where you are in the line can be the difference between getting in and out in 20-30 minutes or taking 2-3 hours or not even getting to apply at all.

Submit Application

About 8:15 in the morning, a guard will come out and form two lines; one for those with appointments and one for those without appointments. Documents of those without an appointment will be quickly checked.

Anyone without appropriate documents will not be allowed to enter. Small groups of applicants will be allowed to enter the lobby where they will receive orientation from a guard about security checks and cell phones.

After taking the elevator to the 5th floor, you will pass through security. It is similar to an airport security checkpoint. From there, you will present your application, supporting documents and evidence of travel to a person at a booth. The person will verify that you have everything you need and give you a ticket with a number and expected waiting time.

You will enter the waiting area where there are some chairs and a large screen tv. When your number is called, go to the number of the window indicated and submit your application. Pay the appropriate fee with check, credit card or money order. Cash is not accepted.

Passport Pickup

Those who are able to submit their application forms in the early hours of the morning can usually pick up their passports after 3:00 in the afternoon.

Frequently, applicants are required to return the next day or, even, a few days later. It depends on both the total volume of applications submitted and your date of travel.

If you prefer, there are a couple of alternatives to personally picking it up. One, you can pay an additional fee for Passport Services to overnight your passport to you. Two, you can authorize a third party to pick up the passport for you.


  • Make sure you have everything you need before you arrive.
  • Arrive early. Remember, the earlier you submit your application, the better your chance of getting a passport the same day.
  • Avoid taking a bag or backpack. You have to go through security. Extra moments going through the checkpoint could mean another 20 or 30 minutes of waiting.
  • Be prepared to wait a few hours. You may get out faster but it's better to be prepared for the worse. You will have to leave the wait room if you need to make a call or use the restroom.
  • Take something to keep occupied. It can music, a book or just pen and paper. This is especially important if you will accompany young children.

Reviews of San Francisco Passport Agency

The San Francisco Passport Agency probably has the highest number of 4 and 5-star reviews of all regional agencies. Two qualities that are frequently mentioned in the reviews are friendliness and efficiency.

This may be surprising to anyone who has dealt with other government agencies and it is not the experience of everyone who applies for expedited passports at the agency, but it's hard to argue against so many glowing reviews.

If you have applied for a passport at the agency in San Francisco, please comment about your experience below.

When to Use an Expedited Passport Courier Service

While it is possible for an applicant to get a passport the same day at the regional agency, not everyone can or should. The vast majority of reviewers mentioned above live in or near San Francisco.

It's a lot easier to visit the regional agency if you live in the city. It can be quite a bit more difficult and costly to submit your application in San Francisco if you live far away.

Recommendation: If you need your passport in less than 2 weeks but do not have the time to apply in person or don't want to take the time, you can authorize an expedited passport courier service to submit it for you.

Map & Directions


Directions from North Bay (Golden Gate Bridge): Follow US-101 S to Scott St in San Francisco. Continue on Scott St. Take Bush St and Gough St to Turk St. Building will be on the left.

Directions from Sacramento: Follow I-80 W to Harrison St in San Francisco. Take exit 1C from I-80 W. Take 9th St and Larkin St to Turk St. Building will be on the left.

From San Francisco International Airport: From San Francisco International Airport, take 101 North. Follow US-101 N to 9th St in San Francisco. Take exit 433C from US-101 N. Follow 9th St and Larkin St to Turk St. Building will be on the left.

From Oakland International Airport:Follow I-880 N and I-80 W to Harrison St in San Francisco. Take exit 1C from I-80 W. Take 9th St and Larkin St to Turk St. Building will be on the left.

Parking: There is no public parking available at 450 Golden Gate. There are several parking garages in the area at 355 McAllister St and 376 Larkin St.

Public Transportation: BART

Exit the Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station. This is a large station with numerous exits. Exit the station at "Market & Hyde, and go right on Hyde Street. Make a left onto Golden Gate Avenue.


From Caltrain Station at 4th Street and King Street - taxis are available (approximately 2 miles). The #47 bus departs at or near the Caltrain Station and stops at Van Ness and Turk St, approximately 2 blocks from the agency.

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