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Philippines Visa Information

Boracay Beach Philippiness A Philippines visa endorsed by the consular office of the Philippine Embassy in the US permits the holder to enter the country. However, the visa does not guarantee entry since it is up to the immigration officers to deem entry of a foreign national valid. Some foreign citizens, including United States citizens, do not need a visa to travel to the Philippiness and are permitted to stay up to 30 days.

U.S. travelers who want to stay in the Philippiness for over 30 days must obtain a Philippines visa by completing an F.A. Form No. 2-A. For applicants who want to apply in the Philippines Consulate General in L.A, you can download the Philippiness visa application form and apply yourself or go through an expediter to get your Philippines visa quickly.

Applications that are sent through mail should be notarized by a public attorney first. Applicants must also provide a photocopy and original data pages of his/her passport with a remaining validity of six months beyond the planned stay. Must also be included are a recent 2 x 2 photo and a financial statement as proof of the applicant's ability to support the visit.

For a Philippines tourist visa, aside from the requirements mentioned above applicants must also supply a flight itinerary and a certification from the travelling agency confirming the applicants' possession of round-trip airline tickets or cruise tickets. A sum of $30USD must be paid by a single-entry visa applicant. It can be paid by cash or money order made payable to the 'Embassy of the Philippines' or "Philippine Consulate General), depending on where the application is submitted.

A single-entry visa is valid for 3 months from date of issue. A multiple-entry visa which is valid for 6 months has a corresponding fee of $60USD and a multiple-entry valid for 12 months has a corresponding fee of $90USD.

Mayon Volcano PhilippinessTo obtain a Philippines business visa, applicants must secure round-trip airline or cruise tickets and a certification from a travel agency confirming the applicant's possession of said documents. A letter from the company requesting the business visa must also be included in the application documents. The letter must state the purpose of the applicant's visit and declaration of financial support for the duration of the applicant's stay in the country. For single-entry visa valid for 3 months, a fee of $30USD must be paid. For multiple-entry visa valid for 6 months, its corresponding fee is $60USD and for multiple-entry visa valid for 12 months, a fee of $90USD must be paid by applicant. It can be paid by cash or money order made payable to the 'Embassy of the Philippines' or 'Philippine Consulate General', depending on where the application is submitted.

A minor traveling alone or with a person that is neither his parent must produce a notarized letter of consent from the child's parents. At the point of entry such as the airport, the guardian must present a Waiver of Exclusion Ground. To obtain a Philippines student visa, applicants must have a valid passport and 3 copies of a completed application form for student visa with three passport-sized photos. Students must also submit the Original Notice of Acceptance, three copies of Medical Health Certificate or DFA 11 and a police clearance obtained from the applicant's legal residence authenticated by the corresponding Philippines Embassy of the country.

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