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Madagascar Visa Information

Lemur MadagascarAll foreign visitors entering Madagascar are required to obtain a visa. One can obtain a Madagascar visa for tourism, business, scientific research or other purposes. For fast, convenient service, you can apply to get your Madagascar visa through a professional expediting service. Their experience in processing visa applications will provide you with peace of mind as you spend your time preparing for your journey.

Visas on arrival are available for travelers wishing to stay for 90 days or less. Airport visas are not eligible for extension and those who prefer this option should expect delays in issuance.

Those who intend to stay longer than a month must apply for a short-stay Madagascar visa prior to travel. Short-stay visas (90 days or less) can be obtained from the Embassy of Madagascar. Long-term visas are also issued by the same office. A 60-day stay (multiple-entry) visa costs $30.83 while multiple-entry visas valid for 90 days cost $43.16.

For tourists, obtaining a Madagascar visa requires that your U.S. passport still have 6 months of validity remaining and at least 3 blank visa pages, a fully completed and signed visa application form, one passport size picture taken in the last 3 months, copy of roundtrip airline ticket, a copy of your itinerary or a letter of confirmation from travel agent. 

For business or long-term trips, getting a Madagascar visa has the same requirements as that of tourists plus a letter of recommendation from the company or business entity in Madagascar. If you intend to stay beyond three months, you will have to secure your visa from the Ministre de l'Intrieur (Ministry of the Interior) in Antananarivo or directly through the Embassy of Madagascar in Washington D.C. All business visas, regardless of number of entries and length of allowable stay, cost $43.16.

Payment must be made to the Embassy of Madagascar by certified checks or money order. Cash is also accepted but personal checks are not. If applying via mail, please include a self-addressed prepaid Express Mail or FedEx envelope.

Get on with that unforgettable travel to one of the most exciting destinations in the Indian Ocean by traveling to enchanting Madagascar. Download the Madagascar visa application form and apply yourself or contract an expedited visa courier service and get your Madagascar Visa quickly.

Tropical Island in MadagascarOn the Indian Ocean side of the African continent lies the fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar. This island nation has been featured in 3 movies: in 1994 Cuban film Madagascar and in 2005, 3D animated film Madagascar, a worldwide hit. Its sequel in the same year Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa was also a hit. Traveling to this enchanting island has a lot of delights in store for the hungry adventurer. One of the most famous tourist destinations in Madagascar is its wildlife that features one of the best in the world in terms of diversity, abundance and accessibility to travel. The island nation also offers an experience of visual delights on its luscious landscapes, a rich history and culture, and a people who will welcome you with open arms.

Aside from its rich wildlife reserves, Madagascar features hiking and spectacular sceneries such as the mountain park Andringitra, the limestone rock formations at Ankarana, and the landscape of Isalo touted to be like the Grand Canyon. Surrounded by the magnificent Indian Ocean, the island nation also offers great beaches that will surely delight the water sports and adventure lovers. Another interesting sight would be that of Ampefy, a region of volcanic nature and which has breathtaking waterfalls and geysers. This place is also home to the endangered indri, a tailless lemur and hundreds of orchid species. Its culture and history is much seen in the capital city of Antananarivo, where French is widely spoken. French lifestyle and color is much embedded in the capital city. The National Monument Queen's Palace and the Royal Village or Rova was once the residence of the Merina Dynasty.

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