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Is it ok to sign passport without middle name?

Question: Teen daughter didn't sign her name as it is typed (first middle last) on the passport. She omitted the middle name. Is this a problem?

Answer: While passport data pages contain full name, the owner should sign his or her name as usual. There is no problem if your daughter signed her passport with only her first and last name.

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Daughter's signature a problem?
by: Heidi

Question: Legally my daughter has 2 middle names but we didn't include her second middle name when we applied for her passport. Does she need a new passport showing both middle names? (She signed the passport using both middle names.)

Answer: Your daughter does not need a new passport even if she signed with both her names. Just make sure to book tickets in the name that is on her passport to avoid issues with TSA.

Signature without last name?
by: Anonymous

Question: My son's full name is Benjamin Johnathon Dodson (example name, not real name) and that is what is printed on his passport. He insists he only signs his name "Ben" without his last name or his middle name. Is this ok? Will it cause problems? I've heard of people using nicknames and omitting their middle name, but not omitting their last name too.

Answer: To be safe, he needs to sign with his full name.

Kid Passport signing in two lines
by: Sorna

Question: As there is kid's photo in the signature of bearer page , there is not much of space to fit all these details [child's full name] [parent signature] (relationship) in on single line. Can this be done in two lines as below instead of single line.

Line 1 : [child's full name]
Line 2 : [parent signature] (relationship)

Please advise.

Answer: Yes, you may do that.

Cannot fit child full name, signature and relationship in one line
by: Mushtaq

Question: I want to sign my kid's passport as he is 1 year old. But all 3 information [child's full name] [parent signature] (relationship) could not fit in a single line in new passport because left side has photo which result in less space.
can I write in two lines?
[Full name]
[Parent sign] (relation)

Answer: Hello, Mushtaq. You cannot sign the passport data page (where the photo is printed). You need to sign in the page right above the data page, close to the American flag.

I messed up my passport signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I messed up my original signature and tried to write a single line through it but the line came out big and really bad looking I signed my signature that I use for all my official documents next to it which is not even legible to my actual name. Should I get a new one?

Answer: Signatures are not always legible. There should be no need to get a new passport.

by: Anonymous

Question: I’m going on a school trip and didn’t sign my middle name. Is that ok? My parents are also not coming to the trip.

Answer: Not signing your middle name is fine. Make sure you have a consent statement signed by both parents to make sure you don't have any trouble on your trip.

by: Anonymous

Question: I accidentally signed my passport with my nickname instead of my full name. Is it going to be an issue at the airport?

Answer: It should not be an issue.

Passport Signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I signed on my passport signature page with my full name and signature right next to it. Is that a problem?

Answer: It is not an issue.

by: Anonymous

Question: Hi! My regular signature is my first and last initials in cursive. Will that be ok for this?

Answer: Yes, it is okay.

Signature mistake
by: Samar

Question: I applied for my kids’ passports recently and I signed with their first and last names instead of their full names. Then the guy at the post office said to write their full name and scribble the last name and write the middle name then last. Is this okay or what? I’m so worried.

Answer: If you mean you signed the application with their names, it may be an issue. Applicants aged 15 and younger may not sign their passport applications. Instead, their parents need to sign in their behalf.

Did not sign passport with middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: Is it ok that my teenager signed her passport without her middle name? Her middle name is printed on her passport. Is that ok or does she need to get a new passport?

Answer: It is okay, nothing to be concerned about.

by: Anonymous

Question: My son applied for a new passport. His first, middle, and last name was typed on the application, but he only signed his first and last name. We want to make sure his passport will arrive with his first, middle, and last name and not the way he signed it. What are your thoughts?

Answer: The name on the application is usually the basis of the name on the passport, not the signature.

Passport Signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I wrote my full name (All Caps) then above it is my regular signature on my passport. Will it still be accepted?

Answer: Yes, it should be accepted.

Added my middle name in between
by: Anonymous

Question: I signed my passport with my first and last name and then noticed I should have used my middle name as well. I added it in between the two names but slightly above. Is this fine, or should I draw a curvy single line across all three names and rewrite above with all three names in a single line? I didn't see the Q-mark for directions until after signing.

Answer: It's okay. There's no need to change your signature.

Signed with 2 signatures
by: Anonymous

Question: So I signed my passport with my regular signature First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name. Then read the documentation and realize it said FULL Name. I did a second Signature above it with First Name, Middle Name, Last Name. Is this OK?

Answer: Yes, it is okay.

by: TS

Question: I accidentally signed my name on the far right side of the signature line, and it was also a little messy. So I put a single strike through it and resigned my name neatly in the center. Will this cause any issues?? This is my first time traveling abroad (Germany) and now I'm worried.

Answer: It should not be an issue. Enjoy your trip!

Correction of Incorrect signature
by: Anonymous

Question: I signed my passport with my first name, middle initial, and last name. Then, I realized my passport had my first name, middle name, and last name. So I signed again to match the passport. Will this work?

Answer: Yes, it will work. You may actually use your regular signature on your passport.

My signature on my passport application doesn't match my signature on my driver's license.
by: Anonymous

Question: My chosen name is different from my legal name. My driver's license contains my legal name, but the actual signature on my license contains my chosen name instead.

When I completed my passport application, I used my legal name everywhere on the application except where it asked for my signature. My signature on this application contains my chosen name. It is the same signature as my license, but this signature does not contain my legal name.

Today, I received a letter saying that my application was delayed, that I need to send in a new application, and that I need to sign with my "full legal name," although if I did so, this would not be the signature on my license.

If I sign with my legal name instead of my chosen name, will my application go through? Even though the signature on my DL doesn't match that?

Answer: Please contact the NPIC at 1-877-487-2778 regarding their request.

Both last names
by: eileen

Question: My passport only has my name but I signed it with both last names. I was born in NYC but raised in PR, in here we use both last names. Is that ok?

Answer: Yes, it is okay.

Only last name initial?
by: Anonymous

Question: I just signed my passport with my full first name, my middle name, and the initial of my last name. Is that ok? It is my normal signature but I'm worried it will be declined as my whole last name isn't in the signature?

Answer: It's not an issue.

Can I write my name normally?
by: Anonymous

Question: Is it okay to just print out my first and last name? My signature for my bank documents is not really legible. Would printing out my first and last name as I would normally write them out be okay?

Answer: You can print your name or affix your regular (illegible) signature. It's okay either way.

by: T. E. Barber

Question: My usual signature is the first initial of my first name and middle name then my last name spelled out. I have signed mortgage documents this way. Can I sign my passport the same way? I'm not used to signing my full first name.

Answer: Yes, you may use your usual signature when signing your passport.

confusion on page 3
by: Anonymous

Question: Is it okay if I signed my first and last name on page 3 ? and didn’t include my middle name or initial?

Answer: Yes, it is okay.

How to sign passport
by: Anonymous

Question: My passport has my full name but I usually sign without middle name or initial. Can I sign my passport without my middle name or initial? URGENT. Please respond promptly. Many thanks.

Answer: You may sign your passport with the signature you normally use for all other legal documents.

not full name
by: Anonymous

Question: My son signed his passport with an abbreviated name (not his full first name, but rather the common nickname for his name) - is that acceptable? He signed it as "Joe" but the name on the passport is "Joseph."

Answer: The signature should not be an issue. Joe and Joseph are common name derivatives.

Sign or print full name?
by: Anonymous

Question: Should I sign as a signature like a bank signature or should I print my full name? Thank you.

Answer: You may sign your passport like you usually would any legal document. There is no need to print your full name.

by: Anonymous

Question: On my passport's page 3, I signed my full name with my signature above. Is there a problem?

Answer: It's not a problem.

Is it okay
by: Anonymous

Question: Is it okay if I signed my full name with my signature above on page 3?

Answer: Yes, it is okay.

Middle name not on passbort
by: Anonymous

Question: I made out passport form with my middle name but the passport arrive without it. Is that a problem. Won’t match drivers License.

Answer: It should not be an issue. Just make sure to book tickets in the name in your passport.

Passport signature doesn't match printed name
by: Anonymous

Question: I signed my passport with my middle name included after I noticed that the printed page does not contain my middle name. What should I do, if anything?

Answer: There's no need to do anything. You should be okay.

by: Anonymous

Question: I only signed my middle initial and my passport has my full middle name. Will this be okay?

Answer: Yes, it is okay.

Confused about Signature
by: Anonymous

Question: My signature has always been in Arabic and it was on all the issued documents (foreigner passports, IDs, DLs and CC, etc) in the last 30 years.
Can I use the same signature or do I just need to write my full name in English on the new issued passport? Please advise.

Answer: You can do either, whichever you prefer.

Middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I just use my middle initial instead of full middle name?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Passport signature
by: Anonymous

Question: If I only signed my first and last name on my passport and I’m over 16, will it be a big deal?

Answer: It will not be an issue.

Passport signature
by: Mcconnell

Question: I renewed my U.S. passport and I signed in Chinese name (I was Chinese). But my old passport is my English signature. All my ID and other signatures are my Chinese signature to. Will it be any issue to travel abroad?

Answer: That should not be an issue.

Problem without middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I go to abroad without a middle name? Please help me. Thank you.

Answer: Being without a middle name should not be an issue.

by: Dm

Question: My husband signed passport application with his full middle name; he usually only uses his middle initial, is that okay?

Answer: Yes, it is.

Middle Initial
by: Anonymous

Question: What if you tried to sign your middle name after you had just used the initial?

Answer: If you believe that the signature does not look like your normal legal signature, you can strike one line through it and sign above it.

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