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How to Renew a Thai Passport in the U.S.

Thai Passport

Thailand, like many other countries, makes use of the ePassport. This means that a special microchip is inserted into one of the passport pages which holds all your personal information on it. This information includes your biographical story as well as your biometric data such as pictures of your face, your fingerprints and your digital signature.

However, this kind of passport cannot be renewed by mail and in fact cannot be renewed at all. Should this passport expire, you will have to go into a consulate and actually apply for a new passport. Here are the correct steps to take.

Thai Passport Application Form

There are two sets of forms to be filled out. The first is to be completed within one year of your Thai passport expiring and the second is in application of a new Thai ePassport. They can both be downloaded from the Thai embassy website which will offer you further explanation.

It will be easier to download the forms and fill them out at home in your own time so that you can work everything out properly. You can then take the completed forms with you to the Thai embassy or one of its consulates.

You may also request that the embassy send you application forms with all your details already filled in. This way you will merely have to check and edit it if necessary.

Royal Thai Embassy & Consulates Generals in the U.S

The Royal Thai Embassy is located in Washington DC where most foreign country embassies are located. Other than the embassy, there are three Thai consulates across the U.S. These are found in:

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Los Angeles

You can contact the embassy on (202) 944-3600 and request that they give you the correct contact for whichever consulate you would like to book an interview at. Alternatively, you can search the specific embassies online.

The best thing to do after getting the correct contact information is to speak to someone that can inform you about all the correct supporting documentation for your passport application. You can enquire about this when making your interview appointment.

Requirements for the Thai Passport Application

Following are the documentary requirements for applications made by adults who have reached the age of the majority:

  • The original valid Thai Citizenship I.D. Card, Government Official Identification Card or an identification card that complies with the rules of the Ministry of Interior (If the Government Official Identification Card does not contain a 13-digit Personal Number, the applicant must bring the House Registration as well)
  • Application Fee

For requirements for children and those aged 15-20, kindly check the Thai Embassy's website which is now in English.

Passport Photo Requirements

When you are speaking to someone at a Thai consulate over the telephone about which supportive documentation you should take along to your interview, do not forget to enquire about photographs. Important questions to ask are the following:

  • What size should my photos be?
  • Should my photos be in black and white or color?
  • How many photos should I provide?

Other than that, it is important to keep in mind that photos should:

  • Show your face clearly with no smile or glasses
  • Be clear and professionally done

Cost of a New Thai Passport

Your new Thai passport will cost you more or less USD $30 and is actually one of the more affordable passports to pay for.

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