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Ghana Visa Information

The Embassy of Ghana issues a Ghana visa that is intended for diplomatic, official, business, tourism, educational, and other purposes. To obtain a Ghana visa, you will have to submit 2 copies of completely filled out visa application form along with your original US passport that still has at least 6 moths of validity and one blank visa page, 2 passport size pictures, and Ghana visa supporting documents such as a copy of your round-trip tickets, itinerary, and a recent copy of your bank statement indicating that you have sufficient funds for traveling. Applicants must also include a self-addressed prepaid envelope that is traceable.

For multiple visa entries, the embassy will also require you to submit a separate letter explaining your reason for multiple entries. For business people securing a Ghana visa, you are also required to submit a letter with the company letterhead signed by the company CEO stating the nature of the business, the name of the companies visited, the length of your stay, and documents indicating that you have sufficient funds to cover your travel.

A Ghana visa will cost you an embassy fee of $60 plus applicable travel agency fee. This is good for 30 days. Applicants are advised to apply for a visa 2-4 weeks before the intended date of departure. For the same type of visa, you can expedite the processing of the visa for only 5 business days by adding another $40 plus another additional sum to the applicable agent fee. Multiple-entry visas cost $100, for rush service an additional $100 must be paid.

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For nature lovers and adventurers, Africa is one exciting place that never ceases to satisfy the eyes hungry for the sight of lush vegetation, virgin forests, and a rich repository of flora and fauna. In Africa, Ghana is one place to go.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south, Togo to the east, Burkina Faso to the north, and Ivory Coast to the west, Ghana possesses a rich natural heritage. Its dense rainforests are now turned into national parks. Get your dream of the African safari realized with a visit to different natural reserves such as the Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary, the Bia National Park, the Bui National Park, the Mole Game Reserve, and the Kakum Nature Reserve. These places are excellent for hiking and exploring the vastness of the African savannah. Aside from this, its Atlantic coast has several beaches and lagoons that will surely cater to those who love water sports and adventure and those sun and sand worshippers. Never to be missed on your nature trips is a visit to Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake on earth

Ghana's rich history is also still visible in numerous European forts and castles, some of which are part of UNESCO World Heritage List. You can also savor the color and pomp of Ghana's culture and traditions with festivals and open markets that will surely envelope you with the sights and sounds of everyday African living.

As you set foot on the magnificent capital city of Accra, home to around 3 million people, be ready to be cheered and greeted by the unique hospitality and warmth of over 22 million smiling people. The flight from New York to Accra is around nine and a half hours. But before even thinking of packing up for a trip to this enchanting African nation, it is recommended by the Ghana Embassy that requirements be prepared ahead of time, around two weeks to one month before the scheduled date of departure to give ample time for consideration and to avoid possible delays.

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