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Burkina Faso Visa Information

Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation in West Africa. It is bordered by Mali to the north, Benin to the southeast, Niger to the east, and Togo and Ghana to the south. The country used to be occupied by France until 1960.

Consular fee for visas is $140 across the board. This is applicable to multiple entry visas with a 5-year validity. The processing of Burkina Faso visa usually takes 3 business days. For rush visas, applicants need to pay an additional fee of $50 to have documents processed within 24 hours. Payment should be made by money order or company check only. Ordinary visa has a maximum stay of 90 days.

For United States citizens who are in need of Burkina Faso visa, the general requirements are as follows:

  • US passport valid for at least 6 months and that contains at least one blank visa page;
  • Two passport-size photographs;
  • Copy of International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever; and a
  • 2 copies of fully accomplished and signed visa application form
  • Prepaid self-addressed envelope with a number tracing

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The requirements for Burkina Faso business visa include all the abovementioned documents together with a letter from the company or employer, typewritten on the official letterhead. The letter should explain the nature of work to be performed during the visit, name and address of the reference person or company in Burkina Faso, and a guarantee to subsidize the applicant's travel and lodging funds. It should be addressed to the Embassy of Burkina Faso, Visa Section, New York, NY and has to be signed by the company officer-in-charge and the applicant. The maximum stay in Burkina Faso for business visa holders may not be longer than 180 days.

Obtaining a Burkina Faso tourist visa also requires the general requirements mentioned earlier including a copy of the round trip airline ticket or trip itinerary. In case such documents are not yet available, confirmation from the travel agent may suffice.

A special type of visa is given to US Official and Diplomatic passport holders. In this case, the passport needs to have 3 months of validity which will cover the whole duration of stay. Travel tickets and itinerary both for return and onward travel is also required.

Burkina Faso visa requirements for employment and study travel are not published by the Consulate. Instead, applicants are encouraged to get in touch with them in person. The Embassy of Burkina Faso is located at Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008.

Burkina Faso visa is required to all foreign nationals except for passengers who will continue their journey within 24 hours to a different country. In this case, the person should present the corresponding onward ticket and other travel documents. He or she should not leave the airport premises during the stay.

Further travel information to Burkina Faso can be obtained at their website. All US citizens who are visiting or planning to reside in the country are encouraged to register with the designated US embassy for assistance.

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