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Can I get a record of my travel history according to my passport?

Question: A friend of mine needs his international travel history from a passport his ex-wife has confiscated. He needs the information for a court case to prove his whereabouts. I was wondering if there is an application form he can fill out or where to inquire about getting this information and how he can do it.

Answer: Passport records do not include evidence of travel such as entrance/exit stamps, visas, residence permits, etc., since this information is entered into the passport book after it is issued.

Edward Hasbrouk, aka The Practical Nomad, has written extensively about obtaining Passenger Name Records. He provides form letters that can be used for requesting this information.

Your friend can write to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency to request this information.

You will find a link to form letter below that your friend can use to request this information. Right click and save the document to your computer.

Be sure to read the form carefully and type in the required information.

Passenger Name Record (PNR)Request - U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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History travel
by: Anonymous

Question: I need the travel history.

Answer: The government does not keep a record of your travel history. Your passport serves as the record of your overseas travels.

Travel record
by: Erma Z. Albarillo

Question: Can I get a travel record according to my passport.

Answer: Your passport serves as your only travel record.

Proof that I've been to the USA
by: Anonymous

Question: I traveled to the US in 2006 but unfortunately I lost my old passport that has the US visa stamp on it. Where to request a supporting document of my entry to the US border? Planning to apply for a VISA again. Thank you.

Answer: The United States does not keep records of individual entries to the country. Please contact the USCIS, CBP, or the embassy you are applying a visa at for more information.

About passport
by: Angel

Question: Hello good afternoon. I worked in Japan before as an entertainer. But I reported my old passport as lost. I got a new passport and I want to renew it. Does the embassy track the passport and see if I have a record?

Answer: Please contact the Embassy of Japan regarding your concern.

Denied into mexico
by: Anonymous

Question: What happens if I was denied entry into Mexico, and how long before I can re-enter?

Answer: You need to contact the Banjercito or the Embassy of Mexico regarding your concern.

Get my travel history
by: Anonymous

Question: Hello. I need my travel history for my citizenship application. I was wondering how can I get my travel history?

Answer: There is no government agency that keeps track of travel history. You can contact your travel agent; he/she may be able to pull up records of bookings in the past. Your passport will also contain records of entry and exit from the countries you have been to through the stamps and visas including dates.

Need help
by: Curtis

Question: I need to know how long I've been in the U.S. to give my children citizenship but I m missing an old passport and on the others that I have, there aren't stamps. is there any way I can find out? Thank you.

Answer: Passport services does not keep track of your travel history. Since this is a citizenship issue, the USCIS may be able to assist you.

Travel History
by: Anonymous

CBP allows you to find your history. Click on the View Travel History Tab. It's easy.

Visa history
by: Atif azeem

Question: I applied for a visit visa in December 2017 in Cyprus, but I got refused. Know I want refused documents.

Answer: You have to contact the embassy where you applied regarding your concern.



Answer: Hi, Douglas. The Department of State does not track passports that have already been issued. But if you are looking to track the status of an application, you may do so here:

Check Application Status

my travel history 2008-2012
by: Jorge Luis Leon

Question: I would like to get my Travel history on 2008-2012. I got a request from Dade county to prove that, I was away from the USA in that period. I lost my old passport.

Answer: The Department of State does not keep records of citizens' travels. The only record of your travels is your passport containing entry and exit stamps.

The immigration office of the country/s you traveled to MAY be able to provide you with information on your entry into their borders.

What does the cbp know
by: Anonymous

Question: I am trying to find information about what border control actually knows. I arrived to a country that uses e-gates and didn't receive a stamp. How does CBP know that I've gone to that country or not? When I arrive back to America, I obviously don't get a stamp (American citizen). How do they know when I've entered? Is it all just based on airline passenger information that needs to be untainted or do they actually have a record based on my passport chip? For instance, if I lost my passport all together, is there a data base somewhere that has my travel whereabouts or is it only accessed via airline information?

Answer: The CBP does not keep a record of your travel history.

Need proof for travel for proof I wasnt in the country
by: Anonymous

Question: Hey I need proof that I wasn’t in the country. I have my passport but it's a new passport and the older one I had had the travel history stamped. The new one doesn’t. I was wondering if I can provide my new passport with the passport number and they will be sufficient for them to track my travel history.

Answer: The only proof of your travel history is the old passport. The Department of State does not keep a record of your passports' stamps.

From another country
by: Nette

Question: I'm from another country and I need my travel information from the airlines. Can I get I Left and came back in the USA from you?

Answer: We are a privately-run website providing information on U.S. passport issuance and U.S. citizen travel. I'm afraid we cannot help you with what you need.

My friend lost his passport, he wants to visit Canada
by: Shona

Question: My friend lost his passport which contains his travel history. He has replaced his passport but can not apply for visa to visit Canada.

My question is: where can he get assistance to track down his travel history so he can apply for visa to visit Canada?

Please help thank you.

Answer: There is no government agency that keeps track of a citizen's travel history. He might be able to get some help from his travel agent.

Travel history
by: Anonymous

Question: I need my entry and exit dates from the USA for an application. I have been in the USA twice but it was in 2004 and 2003. My passport did not get all the entry/exit stamps. Is there a way to find out what they where?

Answer: Please contact the CBP for assistance.

I need proof for the last travel
by: Anonymous

Question: Social Security needs the date of my last travel to Colombia. I have the date but my passport i doesn't have any information. Social security stopped my payments.

Answer: Passport services does not keep track of your travels. The entry stamp on your passport should show the date you entered Colombia. If it does not, we recommend that you contact Colombian Immigration to see if they can help.

Useful information
by: Anonymous

The information very useful. Thank you

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