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Brazilian Visa Requirements

U.S. passport holders may enter, exit, transit and remain in the territory of the Federative Republic of Brazil, without the intention of establishing residence, for purposes of tourism, business, transit, performance of artistic activities or sporting events or in exceptional situations by national interest.

U.S. citizens are allowed to stay visa-free in Brazil f0r up to 90 days (extendable for another 90 days) but not more than 180 days within a 12-month period.

The Brazilian visa requirements are listed below for tourist, business or student visas so that you can fully prepare for the application process. Submitting incorrect documentation can lead to delays or, even, denial of your application. This can frustrating, especially when you need to get reliable expedited Brazil visa service.

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1. Valid U.S. Passport

Your passport must have a valid passport in order to apply for a Brazilian visa. It is recommended that your passport have at least six months validiy remaining. It must also have at least 2 adjacent, blank pages where the visa stamp can be placed. These cannot be the pages that are reserved for Amendments or Endorsements. If your passport does not have either 6 monhts validity or 2 blank adjacent pages, then you need to apply for a passport renewal before you submit your application for the Brazil visa.

2. Protocol form

The protocol form will be available to you after you complete the online Brazilian visa application form.

3. Passport-style Photo

Applicants are required to glue one 2x2 inch photo taken within the last six months to the protocol form. The picture must have a clear background.

4. Visa Reciprocity Fee

The application processing fee (also known as reciprocity fee) for a tourist, business or student visa to Brazil is USD$160. The fee can be paid with a US Postal Service Money Order. This fee is non-refundable.

5. Handling fee

You must pay an additional fee of $20 if you apply through a third party or by mail. Note, not all consulates accept applications by mail. This is necessary when you cannot appear in person to apply but have a friend, family member, travel agent or registerd Brazilian visa courier service submit the application for you.

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The Brazilian consulate does not accept cash, personal money orders, checks or other banks money orders. Just one money order for the total amount (reciprocity fee + handling fee) is acceptable.

6. Print-out of airline ticket or travel itinerary

Airline employees are not required to present ticket or travel itinerary but, rather, their staff ID card or letter from the employer as a substitute.

7. Proof of residence

Your Brazilian visa application must be submitted to the consulate that has jurisdiction over the state in which you reside. Therefore, proof of residence is one of the requirements. A copy of your valid driver's license serves this purpose.

8. Self-addressed USPS Express Mail Envelope

The consulate will mail your documents, passport and Brazilian visa to you in this envelope. You should verify that the correct amount of stamps is placed on the envelope. Be aware that FEDEX, UPS, DHL and other express mail delivery services are not accepted.

9. Minor travel consent form

Applicants under 18 MUST present an original Birth Certificate. A Travel Authorization signed by father and mother or guardian, certified by a Public Notary, together with a copy of their photo ID is required of minors who plan to travel alone. A minor travel consent form from the non-accompanying parent (also certified by a Public Notary) together with a copy of their photo ID is required when traveling with only one parent.

Additional Brazilian Visa Requirements

Business Visa

A letter from the employer or sponsoring company in the United States. This must be on their letterhead stationery and signed by a senior manager. The letter must contain the following information: Nature of business of the U.S. company; Applicant's title and/or functions with the U.S. company and his/her precise nature of business and activities to be conducted in Brazil. Only original letters are accepted by the consulates.

Name(s) and address(es) of Brazilian company(ies) with which applicant is going to deal/negotiate with;

Name(s) of person(s) to be contacted in Brazil, phone number(s) and his/her/their functions with the Brazilian company(ies);

Expected duration of stay of his/her immediate trip to Brazil;

Responsibility of the U.S. company for applicant's stay in Brazil and his/her return to the country of origin;

Student Visa

Parents must sign online form for those under 18 years old and have their signatures notarized;

If applying for an extended-stay visa to immediate family members, a notarized copy of marriage certificate, birth certificate, or other official dependency document;

If applicant is of criminally liable age, and whenever the planned stay exceeds 90 days, a recent (not over 60 days) non-criminal record issued by the local (applicant's place of residence) Police Department. The document must bear either the official seal or the stamp of the issuing authority;

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