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Brazil Student Visa Guide

The list of Brazil Student visa requirements and instructions below are provided to help US citizens obtain a Student visa to Brazil. The Brazil Student visa is for foreigners who enter the country to study. This includes anyone who wants to study as an intern, student trainee, theological and technical studies.

Applicants who plan to study in Brazil must register with the Federal Police Department in Brazil within 30 days from first arrival regardless of their length of stay in the country.

According to the Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco, "Brazilian Student visas are valid for multiple entries within the period of time shown on the visa stamp." If you are granted a visa, you must enter Brazil within 90 days of receiving the visa. If you decide to remain in Brazil beyond the 90-day limit, you can request a one-time extention of 90 days. However, your request should be made at nearest post of the Brazilian Federal Police Department at least 30 days before your time expires. Those with a Brazil Student visa cannot engage in any paid activity.

A Brazilian student visa may also be issued to family members if the intended stay is longer than 6 months. Neither the original applicant nor any family member can engage in any paid acviities while in Brazil.

The time it takes to issue a Student visa depends on the Brazilian consulate to which you are applying. Some consulates offer next-day processing while others take as much as 12 days.

The Brazil Student visa is $160 plus a handling fee of $20 if submitted by a third party such as a family member, friend, travel agent or reliable expedited Brazil visa service. If you submit the application personally, there is no handling fee applied. The Brazilian government requires this fee because it is the same value that the United States charges a Brazilian to acquire a U.S. visa due to the principal of reciprocity. Additional fees apply if you wish to expedite your application.

Besides the regular Brazilian visa requirements, students and interns have additional requirements that they need to submit.

Additional Visa Requirements for Students

You must submit documents that prove you enrollment. The documents must indicate exactly how long you plan to study in Brazil. They have to be notarized by a notary public in Brazil and proceed from an education institution that is registered with the Ministry of Education in Brazil.

You are required to provide evidence of financial support will studying in Brazil. If you have been granted a scholarship, then you need to submit the documentation for this.

Additional Visa Requirements for Interns and Student Trainees

Submit a copy of the "Termo de Compromisso" that has been notarized. This "Termo de Compromisso" is the agreement between you (intern) and the organization or institution that is offering the internship. This document must specify the exact activity you will be performing and show evidence of participation by a Brazilian educational institution.

If you have been granted a scholarship as an intern, then you need to also submit an affidavit from the organization that is giving it to you. This must also be notarized in Brazil.

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