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Popular Family-Friendly Resorts in Brazil

Having time off to relax and enjoy family is a dream most people have. Normally, vacation time is well spent with family. Everyone likes to travel, enjoy vacations with the family, eat well and connect with nature. All of these provide enormous amounts of fun and recharges one's batteries. Resorts that try to fulfill all of those expectations in a single place.

Designed to provide high quality in their amenities and services, resorts are geared for catering to families and couples. They usually have large structures, with a plenty of space for leisure and contact with nature. Resorts are built to attend to all necessities of comfort, leisure, entertainment and food of their guests, all in one place.

The hotel business in Brazil has grown more every day and already has many wonderful resorts of very high quality. It's hard to define the best out there but here's a list of five resorts that have commendable qualities in relation to others. Here they are:

Vila Galé, Cumbuco Beach, Ceará

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X Factor: Highly versatile spa.

Located in the Cambuco beach in Ceará, a popular kite and windsurfing spot, the Vila Galé has one of the most complete spa services offered by Brazilian resorts. The Satsanga Spa has a Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, sauna, an indoor pool and numerous massage rooms where a variety of treatments can be enjoyed. Satsanga Spa also offers vitality programs that include medical consultations, acupuncture, etc. The Resort also has 3 restaurants, a sizable outdoor pool and impeccable scenery which has the power to make any person forget all their worries.

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Suites Beach Park Resort, Aquiraz, Ceará

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X Factor: Best water park in Brazil.

The second best resort is situated beside the country's best water park. Suites Beach Park Resort features two main structures and is situated in one of the most beautiful landscapes, Fortaleza in Ceará. Choosing this resort guarantees fun for all the family. Guests of the Suites Beach Park Resort enjoy easy and full access to the water park and all its fun-filled activities.

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Nannai Beach Resort, Muro Alto Beach, Pernambuco

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X Factor: Polynesian bungalows.

Situated in one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, the Nannai Beach Resort is an enchanting place to spend a vacation with family. True to their famed Polynesian theme, their bugalowsare suspended over clear water pools. The bungalows are also surrounded by palm and coconut trees that complete the soothing tropical set-up. The resort's pool is enormous and is dotted with small islands where you'll find beach beds and even hammocks. The property features a kids club, golf course and a jangada tour to Muro Alto's natural beach pools.

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Tivoli Ecoresort, Forte Beach, Bahia

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X Factor: Focus on sustainability.

Situated in a relatively untouched beach that serves as a place for turtles to lay eggs, the Tivoli Ecoresort is an excellent place to bring the family for close encounters with nature. The native vegetation is an integrated part of the Resort, besides being located in the best section of the Forte Beach. The property features 8 pools (one is exclusively for adults), a football pitch, tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, a water sports center, fitness center with spinning and pilates, spa, beauty center, and a Kid's Club. The Tivoli Ecoresort is indeed the perfect place to spend time with family.

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Costão do Santinho Resort, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

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X Factor: Seven-time winner of best Resort in Brazil prize.

Considered the best beach Resort in Brazil in the last seven editions of the VT prize, the Costão do Santinho is truly a center for family fun. Brazil's most awarded resort boasts of gastronomic treats, relaxing spa treatments, nature adventures and so much more! Children can enjoy tree-top adventures, bow and arrow workshops, night trails and surf lessons at the Kids's Club. Located in a beach with little foot traffic, Santinho beach, the spot is excellent for quiet, romantic walks along the shore at sunset. The azure waters fronting the resort are inviting and the its proximity to the Atlantic Forest makes for great adventures.

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And all of these wonders are in Brazil! You can't miss them!

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