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 Vietnam Visa Guide

Vietnam Mekong River Boat Trip

A Vietnam visa and a valid passport are required documents for travelers wanting to enter the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Choose from the options below to obtain information for the type of visa you require.

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Vietnam Visa Requirements

Vietnam Visa in American Passport

  • a valid passport;
  • a recent passport photo (taken within the last 6 months);
  • completed Vietnam visa application form;
  • visa fee (money order, cashier's check or certified check made payable to the Embassy of Vietnam);
  • a self-addressed prepaid return envelope with postage (FedEx, US Express Mail or US Certified Mail);
  • a cover sheet that tells the content of the envelope, your contact telephone number and your request.

Vietnam travel visas are affixed in your passport on the pages specifically marked for them. Countries require that visa stamps be placed on those pages that do not contain any other stamps. Applicants may also request a loose-leaf visa in urgent cases, in which case they may submit a passport photocopy with the photo and personal information pages rather than the original passport with the application.

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Vietnam Visa Application Form

There is only one Vietnam visa application form for every type of travel visa.

Vietnam Visa Application Form (BG-01) - Vietnam Visa Form

All items on the visa application must be filled-out online and completely in UPPER CASE letters. After filling out the Vietnam visa application form and gathering the appropriate documents, you need to choose how to process your visa.

The Vietnam Embassy and Consulate-General have both a walk-in and a mail-in service. Processing your Vietnam travel visa takes 5 business days for regular service and 2 business days for expedited service. When applying for your Vietnam visa by mail, you will need to add on the delivery time.

Vietnam Tourist Visa

A Vietnam tourist visa is usually valid for 30 days or 90 days from the day of entry, and may permit single or multiple entries. The visa does, however, specify your entry and departure dates.

Upon arrival, your documents will be examined by an inspection agent. If everything is correct, they will be stamped with an entry seal.

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Vietnam Business Visa

Vietnam Business Visas are also valid for 30 days or 90 days from the day of entry, and may permit single or multiple entries.

To apply for a single or multiple entry visa, you must have approval from Authorities in Vietnam acquired through a sponsor in Vietnam. If you do not have a sponsor, you can contact the Vietnam embassy for assistance.

Vietnam Visa Service Online

If you don't live in either the Washington D.C. or San Francisco area, you might want to contract a travel visa expediting service. They will verify your visa application before it is ever sent, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays or rejections. They will also personally walk your application through each step guaranteeing timely and efficient processing of your Vietnam visa.

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