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Turn Your Love of Travel Into a Business Opportunity with SBI Web Tools

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There are a number of ways you can transform a passion for travel into a money-making venture.

  • Travel blogging - One of the most popular modern travel business dreams is to travel the world and share your story. With the right niche, an authentic voice, a strong plan to produce sharable content, and the perseverance to push through the inevitable challenges, your ongoing travel memoirs could go from a passion project to a career.
  • Travel photography - Whether you land commissioned projects or simply build a portfolio of unique, high-quality images to sell online, a good camera and an eye for composition can turn your wanderlust into a creative money-maker.
  • Traveling personal assistant - Traveling the world can be a challenge. Many executive and celebrity travelers who are used to having the help of secretaries and assistants in their everyday lives, seek to enlist the help of a travel partner to serve as their concierge to the world. Like a travel agent on-the-go, a traveling personal assistant must have the knowledge, creativity, and persistence to help keep clients safe, organized, on schedule, and happy.
  • Destination wedding planner - Wedding planning in and of itself is a lucrative, high-stakes business. The stakes (and costs) go up once the party moves overseas. Your experience with the logistics of international travel, picturesque destinations, securing accommodations, and cost-saving tips can make you the ideal scout and guide for those looking for an exotic wedding experience.
  • International house sitter - In many parts of the world, the notion of a weeks- or months-long holiday is a cultural norm. Rather than leaving a home vacant, many people look for trustworthy house-sitters to keep an eye on their properties. Sometimes there is additional compensation, but typically payment comes in the form of free room-and-board. Pairing these opportunities with a travel blogging or travel photography website can be a great way to see the world for a living.
  • Translator - If you have an ear and tongue for languages, consider offering your services to international clients. Solid chops and an even, friendly demeanor will go a long way toward growing your reputation and landing additional opportunities.
  • Educator - International schools continue to grow in popularity alongside the world’s increasing population of expats. Your scholarly expertise or linguistic prowess can land you teaching gigs at schools across the globe - many including free or inexpensive room-and-board packages.

These types of opportunities don’t just pop up. You need to put yourself in the best possible position to showcase your skills and value. Whether you are looking to make some extra income or just fund your next international adventure, the key to turning travel into any of the aforementioned businesses is an effective, well-designed website.

The Right Web Hosting Partner Matters

Quality content is critical in putting your best foot forward online - especially when looking to leverage your web presence to forward your travel business aims. However, if no one ever sees your content, it’s all for nothing.

That’s where a quality, feature-rich web host makes a difference. All of the most popular web hosting services earned their stripes by touting high reliability, high storage amounts, and high bandwidth limits - usually at extremely low prices. Many offer integrated web builders as well as compatibility with online design platforms like Wordpress or offline tools like Adobe Dreamweaver.

That said, these features simply mean a site has a place to live on the web, not that anyone is actually going to visit it. If you’re looking to get a travel business off the ground, this simply won’t do.

Solo Build It (SBI) is a unique web hosting partner in that they offer all of the critical components of a reliable web host, but they also include an SEO-infused toolset to help generate valuable traffic as well.

How SBI’s Included Tools Bring Visitor Traffic to Your Travel Business Website

woman working on a laptop at an outdoor cafeGenerating traffic for a website on a generic hosting service is an extra burden you must account for. Purchasing ads and soliciting backlinks to get people to check out your pages can be both costly and time-consuming. Not only that, there is no guarantee of the amount or quality of visitors you will attract.

SBI, on the other hand, uses a proven suite of web tools to help get your site to generate profitable traffic:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools - Every time you publish a page, SBI will analyze its content and code for both errors and potential optimizations. You can be sure that your pages not only work, but they contain the appropriate keywords, formatting, and structures to rank on the world’s most popular search engines. From there, SBI builds an optimized sitemap and makes your content as available and attractive as possible to the search engine spiders looking for the latest content. Sound confusing? With SBI, all of the technical jargon surrounding SEO is simplified into actionable, plain-spoken advice.
  • Communication Tools - Email marketing, web forms, and social media integrations are all baked into the SBI toolset. You can establish targeted and secure lines of communications with your visitors and clients directly through your website and social channels.
  • Monetization Tools - A business website isn’t worth much if it doesn’t help generate revenue. SBI’s monetization tools allow users to tailor their web content with monetization in mind. By offering keyword generation advice as well as support for many popular third-party plug-ins, a site on SBI can help make your website profitable quicker than other web hosting competitors.

Tying all of these tools together is a robust and easy-to-use support network. SBI offers a wide array of print- and video-based guides as well as live support and helpful forums. Regular reports keep you informed about new features, the latest trends, and your website’s performance.

For all its positives, it is worth mentioning that SBI can be a bit intimidating at first. For those who are unfamiliar with website creation, SBI’s interface lacks the polish and sparkle of some of its more mainstream competitors. However, when paired with a proper, fully-featured web design platform, Building a site on SBI becomes second nature. 

To be fair, most serious online businesses find themselves abandoning their web hosts’ integrated web designers in favor of more fully-featured tools like Wordpress or Adobe Dreamweaver eventually, anyway.

All told, SBI is an excellent resource for whatever business (travel or otherwise) you are looking to bring online. Following their advice and making the most of their traffic-building tools is one of the reasons the U.S. Passport Service Guide has become the successful site it has become.
For more on how SBI can support you in your travel business dreams, check out their free video tour or contact SBI directly.


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This website is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.