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Sudan Entry Requirements - Required Travel Documents for Travel to Sudan

Sudan FlagSudan Visitors to Sudan must have a valid passport and apply for a visa in advance. The only U.S. citizens who may apply for a visa on arrival are those who carry Sudanese national identification documents or those with a Sudanese sponsor who has applied on their behalf for an entry permit. Travelers who have entry or exit stamps from the state of Israel should be aware that the Sudanese government may deny them entry.

Exit visas and a departure tax are required in order to leave Sudan. Airfares usually include the tax, but otherwise travelers must be prepared to pay when they leave. If you overstay the period permitted by your visa, you may not be able to obtain an exit visa.

Sudanese authorities usually require children of Sudanese citizens and spouses of Sudanese citizens to have permission from their parent or spouse. Children under the age of 18 who are Sudanese citizens or U.S./Sudanese dual nationals must have permission from their father before leaving the country.

Within three days of their arrival, all visitors must register with the Sudanese Ministry of the Interior. Travel permits are required for any visitor traveling more than 25 miles from Khartoum, regardless of the purpose of their travel - these permits are available from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. Upon arriving at your destination outside Khartoum, you must register once again with the local police. A separate and specific permit is necessary in order to visit Darfur. Sudanese officials maintain travel regulations very strictly, and travelers should be prepared for delays or detention even when they have the correct permits.

In the past, Sudan has imposed bans on the importation of animals, and travelers should check regulations before traveling in case new bans are instituted.

Travelers must have permits from the Ministry of the Interior in order to take photographs in Sudan, and cameras or recording devices may still be confiscated. When entering the country, visitors should be prepared to have their belongings searched by Sudanese customs officials. Any items considered inappropriate may be confiscated, and travelers who have belongings confiscated may be detained by the authorities.

Although the regulation has not been strictly enforced, Sudanese law officially requires a negative HIV test in order to obtain a visa.

For the most current details about entry requirements, travel restrictions, and custom guidelines, travelers should contact the Embassy of Sudan.

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