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Russian Tourist Visa Information

Colorful St Basil Cathedral in Moscow Russia

A Russian tourist visa is granted to person who visits the country for the purpose of tourism. The holder of the tourist visa can travel to Russia to visit relatives/ friends, go to tourist destinations, etc. Russia tourist visa is issued for a period of 30 days. Usually, this type of visa is only granted for single entry. An invitation from a tourist agency, recognized by the Department of Consular Service, is required upon visa application.

Russia is one of the countries that has experienced a rapid growth in its tourism sector. It's no wonder given the vast quantity of popular tourist attractions in Russia. One could spend many days in either Moscow or St. Petersburg and not see and do all that is available for tourists to enjoy. This doesn't even include the smaller cities and adventure travel tours throughout the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Russia Tourist Visas

What is a Russian Visa?

A Russian visa is an official government document issued to allow legal entry to a certain country. Visas are classified according to the purpose or duration of the stay in the said country. The purpose of the visit may be tourism, business, employment and education. Russian visas are issued by officers from the local Russian Consulate. A person applying for a specified visa is expected to undergo a detailed process for visa approval. A corresponding processing fee is required to be paid by the applicant.

Does every individual need to have a visa before entering Russia?

Most of the foreigners are required to obtain a visa according to its purpose prior to the entry of the said country. However, Russia imposes certain exemptions to citizens of former CIS Republics except Georgia and Turkmenistan. These people only need to present their national passport upon arrival in the country.

How long does the processing time for a visa?

Honestly, the processing time for a visa application varies upon the service used in the processing. The Russian consulate offers several services. There are times that the visa can be obtain within 3 days or 4 to 20 business days.

What process should be done if a person intends to bring his/ her pet during the travel?

Under the Russian law, individuals with pets are allowed to enter the country provided that the owner of the pet must acquire for an International health certificate from a local certified veterinarian. It should be submitted prior to the said trip.

Does Russia allow extension of tourist visa?

Unfortunately, Russian visas can't be extended. A person can only lengthen his/ her stay in the country, if he/ she failed to catch the intended exit flight due to accident, serious illness, and seat unavailability. On these circumstances, Russia allows only 2 weeks for that person to stay in the country along as he/ she should process his/ her exit from Russia promptly.

How much does a Russian Tourist visa cost?

All visas (single, double and multiple entries) to Russia cost $160.

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