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North Macedonia Travel Entry Requirements

Visitors must have a valid passport in order to enter North Macedonia. Citizens of the United States with U.S. passports may remain in North Macedonia for tourism or business for up to 90 days within a six-month period without a visa. Visa status cannot be changed after entering the country, so anyone traveling to North Macedonia for work, study, or visits of more than 90 days must apply for a visa before arriving.

Travelers must also show proof of health insurance at North Macedonian ports of entry upon entering the country.

After arriving in North Macedonia, foreign visitors have 48 hours to register with the local police. Hotels will automatically register foreign guests, but travelers staying at private accommodations must visit the local police station in person and with his/her landlord. The police must be notified of a change in residence, and if you move into the jurisdiction of a new police station you must notify both the new and old station of the change. In addition, dual citizens returning to North Macedonia after three or more months of absence must register with the North Macedonian embassy or consulate before travel or the police when they arrive. Minors must have a notarized letter from a parent or guardian in order to travel to Macedonia unaccompanied.

Citizens with the Republic of Macedonia or North Macedonia listed as their place of birth on their passports will not be issued an entry stamp when arriving in Greece at any point of entry. Instead, they need to fill out a short form where the stamp will be affixed. This document must be kept attached to the passport and presented upon departure. All visitors are advised to carry any form of identification when traveling around Macedonia.

Anyone in possession of multiple passports must be sure to enter and depart Macedonia on the same passport. Visitors may encounter difficulties if they try to leave the country using a passport without the Macedonian entry stamp.

Border areas away from official Macedonian border crossings are off limits to foreign visitors. For the more current visa and travel information for Macedonia, visit the North Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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