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Travel Luggage- The Best Bags and Cases for International Travel

Luggage and Backpacks

There are many things to consider when buying luggage for an international trip including size, style, color, weight, durability and price. With thousands of options available, it's easy to spend too much time choosing which bags to buy. We have done this step for you. For each type of luggage, we have researched the top five luggage stores to identify the top selling bags with the best ratings and prices.

Top-Ratted Luggage

We continually update our selection of bestselling luggage so that you can quickly access the top models at the best prices. Choose from the list below to see the bestselling bags and cases that you need for your international trip.

Most Wished For Luggage

Luggage Accessories

The right luggage accessory can really facilitate transporting, checking in and claiming your bags. Click the link below for the accessory that you need.

Your choice of travel luggage depends largely upon your personal packing style and the type of travel you do. For this reason, make sure you look for bags that would offer you both carrying comfort and packing convenience. Make sure to find a bag that is small enough to carry thru planes comfortably.

In choosing bags, don't rely on design and style, instead make sure your bag will accommodate all the items you would need for the activities you will make when traveling. Remember that you'll be using this travel luggage for other trips, so make sure to consider versatility and functionality.

Understanding Your Travel Luggage Choices

There are three types of travel luggage: backpacks, wheeled luggage and duffel bags. When you prefer to travel by carrying all your gear, backpacks are perfect for you because they are made from highly durable materials to withstand constant moving and heavy weight.

Wheeled travel luggage has two types: traditional and convertible. Businesspersons who travel occasionally use traditional luggages. On the other hand, convertible luggages are usually built without hip belts that make it unsuitable for extensive backpacking because it could give its entire weight to your back.

Your last choice for travel luggage is duffel bags. When you wish to buy duffels, determine your travel needs before choose the type of bag you need. For instance, if you always travel light due to short trips, general-purpose duffels are ideal for you. On the other hand, if you need to pack a lot of items without carrying the bag by hand, you can choose expedition duffels to make your journey comfortable.

Once you have determined the type of bag you need, you have to decide on the size of the bag. This is important because you have to find a travel luggage that is big enough to carry your items, but small enough that you could carry it yourself, even if you need to travel everyday.

If you have chosen the size and type of luggage to buy, you can now compare available features, such as compartments, pockets, straps, removable storage and expandable bags, to ensure you can maximize the functionality of your travel luggage. With these three important reminders, you are one-step ahead in choosing the perfect luggage for any occasion.

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