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Libya Entry Requirements

Libya FlagVisitors to Libya must have a valid passport and Libyan visa. Visa procedures may vary at different embassies, so visitors should check with their local embassy before applying. Processing for tourist visas typically takes between 4 and 15 days, but filing incomplete or incorrect paperwork can cause significant delays.

The Libyan government resumed issuing tourist visas to U.S. citizens after several years of barring American tourists from the country. Restrictions are still in place for travelers who have visited Israel, and anyone with a passport entry or exit stamp from Israel will not be allowed to enter Libya.

To obtain a visa, U.S. and European travelers must work with a tour agency that is licensed to operate in Libya. Applicants must submit the visa paperwork to a travel agency, and the agency will file the paperwork with the Libyan authorities. Individual tour operators set their own fee for the visa process. Once the application has been processed, travelers will receive a letter with their passport number authorizing officials at Libyan ports of entry to issue a visa.

After travelers arrive in Libya, they must have their passports stamped by the Libyan police. Tour agencies in Libya can take care of this step, or travelers can visit the police station themselves. Libyan authorities used to require U.S. citizens to carry a translation of their passport information in Arabic, but since June 2010 U.S. citizens have been able to enter the country without the translation.

Business travelers must provide an invitation or sponsorship letter from a Libyan company before they will be issued a business visa. The approval process for business visas can take anywhere from several weeks to several months.

Dual Libyan and U.S. citizens must enter and depart Libya with Libyan documentation. If U.S./Libyan citizens enter the country on outdated documents, they may not be allowed to leave until they obtain a current Libyan passport.

Libya have some HIV/AIDS and communicable disease restrictions for visitors and foreign residents. If you have questions about visiting Libya, contact the Libyan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

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