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Jordan Visa Information

Amman Jordan Getting to Jordan will first bring you to the lovely capital city of Amman through the Queen Alia International Airport. First you need a Jordan visa. To secure one, you need your original US passport that still has 6 months remaining validity and at least one blank visa page, just one passport-size picture, and the required supporting documents for the travel.

For a Jordan visa needed for travel and tourism, there is no additional document required but for visas intended for business, you will need to submit as well a letter with the company letterhead. The letter should provide an explanation of the purpose of the trip. Jordan visas may be single-entry valid for 60 days ($67.50), double-entry valid for 90 days ($97.50) or multiple-entry valid for 180 days ($187.50). Processing takes approximately 5 business days.

Jordan visa can be extended anytime at any nearby police station. The visa contains information on the issue date of the visa, the number of entries allowed to Jordan, the Consulate of Jordan that issued the visa, the Jordan visa number, and the purpose of entry or the type of visa issued.

The Kingdom of Jordan is fast becoming an additional place to visit for tourists who want to scour the wonders of the Middle East. With continued peace and security, a Jordan visit will surely be one experience that you will never forget.

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, the Kingdom of Jordan is often known through the ancient Nabatean city of Petra, which was carved from a rock over a thousand years ago. This place has been declared as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Jordan is also home to several holy sites of the Christian faith. Aside from these, Jordan also boasts of amazing beauty in its natural wonders and formations such as the fertile Jordan Valley, spectacular desert canyons, and some mesmerizing tracts of wilderness. Religious pilgrimage has become one of the major tourism draws since then Pope (now Pope Emeritus) Benedict XVI visited sites considered to be holy by the church due to their biblical importance. Although, Jordan has only about less than 4% of its population professing the Christian faith and the rest belonging to Islam, the country has doors wide open to hundreds of thousands of Christian pilgrims.

Among the centers of religious pilgrimages is Mount Nebo, which according to the Old Testament, is where Moses first took a view of the holy land. This place is also thought to have been the place where John the Baptist was beheaded. With the discovery of Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan, uncovering churches, caves, and baptismal pools thought to be baptismal sites during the Roman and Byzantine empires, the nation expects a surge in tourist arrivals. This will be propelled by recent economic development in the nation, which has improved its infrastructures and services as well as bringing in peace and security through the able leadership of Crown Prince Abdullah.

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