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Iraq Visa Information

An Iraq visa in a valid passport are required documents for entering the country. However, travel to Iraq by tourists is discouraged by the State Department. Those who are required to enter Iraq should seek to fully understand the visa requirements and risks associated with entering this country. An Iraqi Business Visa is issued to travelers entering Iraq for short term, business related purposes on behalf of a foreign company. A single entry visa allows for one entry into the country that issued the visa. The visa becomes invalid once you leave the country or once the period of validity has expired.

Who Can Obtain an Iraq Visa?

Entry visas ot Iraq are to be granted to each of the following:

  • a- Personnels and their families working in diplomatic missions in Iraq as well as Arab, regional and international organizations accredited to Iraq.
  • b- All official delegations from various countries visiting Iraq.
  • c- Businessmen provided that they have official invitation from Iraqi authorities or being introduced as such by their respective ministries of foreign affairs and are supplied with letters from their chambers of commerce.
  • d- Students pursuing their studies in Iraq after presenting documents indicating that they are still following their studies.
  • e- Truck-drivers after presenting proofs that they are carrying materials and equipments for companies working in the reconstruction of Iraq.
  • f- Iraqi husbands and Iraqi wives after presenting legal documents supporting their claims.
  • g- Journalists and public media personnel after submitting applications for visa either through Iraq's missions abroad stating the name of Iraq's mission which they want to receive their visa or through the office of the newspaper, news agency or the TV. satellite in Baghdad with a letter directed to the Press Department at the MFA indicating the name of the Iraqi mission abroad through which they want to receive their visas, or through the journalist's embassy in Baghdad with a note to the Press Department/ MFA requesting the visa and indicating the name of the Iraqi Embassy from which the journalist would like to receive his entry visa.

Iraq Entry/Exit Requirements

An Iraqi visa may be obtained through the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, D.C. Visitors to Iraq must obtain an arrival sticker within seven days of one's date of entry. The arrival sticker is available at the immigration desk at the port-of-entry into Iraq. Visitors who exceed the seven-day period can face a large fine.

U.S. citizens must apply for a residency stamp also within seven days of arrival. Those who are staying less than 7 days need not do this. A U.S. citizen who plans to stay longer than two months must apply at the Residency Office for an extension. Those who fail to obtain residency stamp stand to pay very costly fines.

All visitors and new residents to Iraq, except those who are on tourist visas must be tested for HIV and hepatitis within seven days of arrival or face a fine. The bood test must be repeated every 90 days while one is in Iraq. Officials at the airport may provide directions on where to get the tests done. If staying for less than 15 days at the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, this test is unnecessary.

U.S. citizens must obtain an exit stamp at a residency office before leaving the country. In Baghdad, they are available for all visitors at the main Residency Office near the National Theater. Contractors in the International Zone may also obtain exit stamps at the Karadah Mariam Police Station (available Sunday and Wednesday, 10:00-14:00.). 

Americans traveling to Iraq for the purpose of employment should check with their employers and with the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, D.C. for any special entry or exit requirements related to employment. American citizens whose passports reflect travel to Israel may be refused entry into Iraq or may be refused an Iraqi visa, although to date there are no reported cases of this occurring.

Iraq Visa Validity

 The Embassy of Iraq issues single entry visa valid 3 months, multiple entries valid for 3-6 months and multiple entries valid for a year.

Iraq Visa Fees

  • Single Entry - $50
  • Multiple entry (3-6 months) - $100
  • Multiple entry (12 months) - $150

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