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How to Renew a Vietnamese Passport in the U.S.

Renewing a Vietnamese passport in the U.S can either be done in person at the Vietnamese embassy or one of its consulates or you can opt to send your application via mail. If the application process confuses you and leaves you slightly flustered, actually visiting a consulate would probably suit you better.

However, application by mail is fairly effortless and a lot more convenient. Below we look at what makes up the Vietnamese passport renewal process.

Vietnamese Passport Renewal Application Form

Whether you choose to apply for your passport renewal by post or by going in in person, you will have to fill out an application form. The application form can be downloaded should you want to send it by post.

If you choose to go in, it is also a good idea to fill it out before the time. Otherwise, the same application form can be picked up at your nearest Vietnamese consulate.

Locations of Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate Generals

There are three Vietnamese consulates in the U.S presided over by their embassy in Washington. The consulates are located in:

  • Houston
  • San Francisco
  • New York

It is easy to find their details online by simply Google searching each one. From there you can decide which is nearest to you and whether you would like to go in yourself or use the post application method.

Applying at the Embassy

You can get hold of a particular consulate and enquire about which address to send you passport renewal application to or you can simply send it straight to the Vietnamese embassy by courier. The embassy address is:

1233 20th Street NW
Suite 400
Washington DC 20036

Required Supporting Documents

If you do not post or take along all of your supporting documents for your passport renewal, your application will be sent back and you will have to try again. See below a list of what is required:

  • Passport renewal application form
  • Two photos
  • Original old passport plus a copy of pages with personal details on them
  • Copy of proof of residence in the U.S such as your green card, U.S passport, work visa etc
  • Application fee paid by money order or cashier's check to Embassy of Vietnam (Check with consulate or embassy what the fee is as it is adjusted often)
  • Return envelope with tracking number by Express Mail or FEDEX. It is recommended that you make use of either of these couriers for security sake.

Photo regulations for your Vietnamese passport renewal

Photos regulations for the photos to be included with your application are much like the regulations of other countries. Here are a few pointers. Make sure you get them right as rejected photos make for rejected applications.

  • Photos should be 2 inches by 2 inches in size
  • Photos should be taken against a white background
  • Photo should be taken within, at most, one year of application
  • Applicant must face head on with eyes open and towards the camera
  • No headwear should be worn
  • No glasses should be worn (including spectacles)

Whether you choose to visit a consulate or post your application, just be sure that you meet the photo requirements and supply the correct supporting documentation. This way your application is bound to be successful.
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