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How to Renew a Kenyan Passport in the U.S.

Kenyan Passport

Kenya has stopped renewing five year passports, which means that should you want to renew your Kenyan passport, you will actually have to apply for a new one. Luckily, this is not too much of an inconvenience because you can send your application and its documents via mail to the appropriate consulate or embassy.

Another note to take is that Kenya has also stopped issuing 48 page and 64 page (B and C) passports. You can now only apply for 32 page (A) passport.

You have to apply on behalf of yourself and no other third party can do so for you. This is true both in terms of going into a consulate as well as sending an application by mail. Whatever you choose to do, here are the steps to take.

Fill Out a Kenyan Passport Application Form (PP1)

Since you are actually seeking to renew your passport, you would have filled out this application form before. It should therefore be relatively simple to you.

You may select to fill out the form online with the embassy in Washington or with the Kenyan consulate in New York. These are the two Kenyan institutions within the U.S that deal with passport issues. Here is the Washington DC application form.

They are exactly the same forms but are just lodged online at different places. If you are applying by mail, it is really up to personal preference. If you wish to go into a consulate, you will have to travel to either New York or the embassy in Washington.

This is why application by mail is far more convenient. The address for the Kenyan embassy in Washington is:

2249 R St NW Washington DC 20008

If you would like to post to the consulate in New York, the address is:

866 UN Plaza Suite 4016 New York, NY 10017

Be sure to track your application with a tracking number. You can check in with the embassy online regarding your passport application after a week of it arriving here. You will need your confirmation number to check your passport process. This number is given to you upon submission of your application form (PP1).

Further Required Documentation

Besides just the PP1 application form, you also need to submit various other supporting documentation for your new Kenyan passport. These include:

  • Your current passport plus a copy of the information and photo page
  • Two passport pictures
  • Copy of both sides of your birth certificate
  • If you wish to change your name, a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce certificate
  • A self-addressed return envelope for new passport with fees for FEDEX, Express Mail, Priority Mail or Certified Mail. UPS, Metered mail and Regular mail are not accepted.
  • Address
  • Personal contact information (work and home telephone plus email address)
  • Profession
  • Passport fees: $150.00

Passport Photo Regulations

Be sure that your photos meet Kenyan passport regulations as it often occurs that passport applications are denied simply for rejected photos. Here are a few pointers:

  • Photo size must be 2 inches by 2 inches
  • Photos must show full face as well as both ears
  • Hair or weaves must not cover the face or forehead
  • Ladies should not wear strappy or strapless tops
  • The background should be white and without shadows
  • The applicant may not smile or laugh
  • The applicant should not wear any glasses at all

Once you have sent all the required documents along with passport photos that are suitable; your application could take approximately six to eight weeks to be completed. Soon after, you should receive your new passport.

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