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WARNING: Do Not Invest In a Home Based Travel Agency Program Until You Have Read This Entire Web Page.

Choosing the right home based travel agency program could mean the difference between...

  • your complete failure or your soaring success;

  • deepening your debt or building your wealth;

  • extreme frustration or ecstatic joy.

There are a lot of home based travel agency programs available but many of them are from questionable companies that aren't worth mentioning.

The few programs offered by reliable companies all have some things in common.

They are very expensive and deliver very little results.

Don't be fooled by the fancy web sites and slick streaming video presentations. You'll pay an arm and a leg for these programs.

First of all, they hit you with the cost of the program that can be as much as $400 a year or more.

Then, they hit you with a monthly web hosting fee that runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $24.95 a month.

As if that isn't enough, they provide you with a long list of extras you can add on for a hefty fee.

You even have to pay $100, $150 or more a year for content. They know you're going to need content because that's what the web is all about. You've probably heard the phrase, "Content is King."

You would think that such steep prices would indicate some sort of guarantee of success. WRONG!

Some of these companies claim to have 40,000 to 50,000 or more home based agents. If these home based travel agency programs work so well, where is the proof? A couple of testimonies from John S. and Mary M. doesn't cut it.

The problem is that these programs offer you a website filled with hundreds of links to the respective company's travel deals just like thousands of other web sites on the internet.

Finally, these home based travel agency programs restrict the services you can offer on your web site. You are limited to the travel deals they provide you. Some will actually allow you to offer deals from other sources but with a cut in your commissions.

In summary, what these programs offer you is a high-priced, cloned web site with no guarantee of results.

Why Choose "Maybe" When You Can Choose a Low-Cost Program With Proven Results

There is a system that is so low-priced that it costs less than one tenth of the value of all the tools it includes. For the 3 years I have owned this program, the company has added on more and more useful tools without raising the price one cent.

Not only is it low cost, but it has proven results. Over half the users rank in the top 0.5% of all web sites on the internet (that's all 200 million plus of them). These are real people with real stories. Go ahead, take a look at some of the case studies. (Link opens a new window.)

This sounds too good to be true. What's wrong with this home based travel agency program?

There are a couple of things SBI is not or does not do that you should take into consideration.

First, let me say that SBI is not about getting rich quickly. It's about building a business in an area that interests you and gradually increasing income as you build trust with your web site visitors. While you may happen to make a lot of money quickly, this is not the focus of the program.

Also, SBI is not a registered travel agency. Their program does not cater specifically to home based travel agents. While SBI is not a travel agency, their program is perfect for building successful travel-related web sites. To get an idea of how SBI has helped travel professionals and travel enthusiasts build popular and profitable travel-related web sites, visit SBI's results page.

The way I dealt with this was to use SBI to build my travel-related web sites (which, by the way, rank in the top 1%) and join InteleTravel to become an official home based travel agent with all the perks and benefits.

Why InteleTravel? They don't offer all the bells and whistles that the others offer. Of course, I didn't want them anyway. What they do provide is official travel agent status, access to exlusive travel deals and a revolutionary search engine that searches more than 150 travel web sites simultaneously for the best deals available. And all this for a one time fee of $30 and only $7.95 a month. That's a far cry from the hundreds of dollars the others charge. Visit InteleTravel for more information.

Finally, SBI does not book travel. Of course, SBI does show you how to not only build and promote your web site but how to monetize it in numerous ways as well. Instead of just booking travel services you can earn through affiliate programs, drop shipping, referral fees, auctions and even your very own products and services.

The SBI Action Guide walks you step-by-step through theme selection to domain registration to web page creation to link building to newsletter publication and more.

What you will not find in any other home based travel agency program, SBI gives you. You get...

  • a complete, web site business building system that is extremely low cost;

  • a fun-filled, easy-to-follow action guide that teaches you how to create unique content from your personal experiences that ranks high in the search engines, captures the attention of your visitors and leads to more sales;

  • guaranteed results (if you are not satisfied at any time, SBI will return your money and you keep the domain).

But don't just take my advice on this, visit SBI and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did.


About the Author: For over 20 years, the U.S. Passport Service Guide team has helped hundreds of thousands of travelers with their travel document questions and shared advice about how to make traveling abroad simpler, safer, and more enjoyable.

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