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Brazil Work Visa Guide

A Brazil work visa is required for anyone who seeks to be employed for an extended period of time in the country. The tremendous development of the nation over the past several years have opened doors of opportunity for workers in many different areas to find employment in Brazil. Brazil has opened its doors to foreign workers who can contribute to the continued development of the country.

For the employment to be legitimate and official, the applicant must apply for a Brazilian Work visa. This type of visa is granted to an individual who desires to participate in some type of work. This includes researchers, scientists, technicians, etc. Also, anyone who plans to be involved in professional training, internship or medical residency is required to possess a valid work visa. Brazilian work visas can be issued for multiple entries within a specified period of time.

Brazil Work Visa FAQ

Can a tourist visa holder apply for a work visa without leaving the country?

No. An individual who enters Brazil as a tourist must exit the country with the same status. This means that tourists are not permitted to change a visa from one type to another during his/her stay in the country. A possible employer must initiate the application of a work permit in behalf of the applicant. Once approved, the applicant must leave Brazil and go back to his country of origin, where he/she can claim his/her work visa through the Brazilian Consulate.

If a child under 18 years old will be traveling to Brazil, are there any special requirements for this kind of situation?

In this case, a notarized letter from the child's parents (father and mother) should be presented as a proof of allowing the child to travel to Brazil. This letter will serve as a basis for the Consulate to issue the appropriate visa for the minor. This specific requirement must be passed together with the other documents for visa application. An exemption should be given to a parent who is the sole guardian of the child according to a Judge.

If person intends to apply for himself/herself and other people (spouse, children), does he/she requires one appointment for the visa application?

No. Each applicant must schedule an appointment. While a third party is allowed to submit the visa application, the appointment must be attended personally.

Can a work visa holder purchase merchandise/products or manage a business?

For individual possessing the work visa, performance of acts related to purchase or management of business are prohibited in Brazil. It can be grounds for declaring the work visa as null and void in the Brazilian court of law. If you would like to do these things in Brazil, you must apply for another type of visa appropriate for the main purpose of the stay in the country.

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