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Benin Visa Information

Benin Africa

An appropriate Benin visa is required of all U.S. citizens for all purposes except transit: visitors who will remain in Benin for less than 24 hours before continuing their flight do not need a visa. To receive this exemption, travelers must present their onward tickets, and may not leave the airport. Children of U.S. citizens who will enter the country with their parents must have their own visa. You can either apply yourself or request the assistance of a travel document expediting service.

Benin visas are not available upon arrival so it must be obtained prior to travel. American citizens may apply for an e-Visa online if traveling for tourism and business. An e-Visa may be extended by the Beninese consular services close to their place of residence, without any additional costs or formalities and before expiry of the validity period of the said visa.

Those traveling for diplomatic purposes or with international organizations need to apply at the Beninese Embassy.

Benin Visa Requirements

The requirements for a Benin visa include a U.S. passport with at least 6 months validity, completed and signed application form completed in capital letters, 1 passport-size photo, and the original copy of an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever.

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