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Bangladesh Visa Information

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U.S. passport holders are eligible for a Bangladesh visa on arrival. This is available for visitors with official business, business/trade, potential investment and tourism purposes. The visa on arrival is also applicable to members of defense or security forces who have obtained clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Bangladesh government. The Bangladesh visa on arrival allows the holder single entry with a period of not more than 30 days. However, travelers are advised to check with airlines on whether they will allow passengers without a Bangladesh visa to board.

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The types of Bangladesh visa are entry, visit, tourist and business visas. U.S. citizens need to pay $160 for a visa. Single-entry visas are valid for 6 months from issue date. Double-entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for 6 to 12 months. The duration of stay for all types of ordinary visas have a maximum of 90 days and are subject for possible extension.

The general requirements include a valid passport (at least 6 months validity remaining), one copy of completed Bangladesh visa application forms, one passport-size photograph taken in the last six months, fees, a copy of the passport's data page and a letter of employment, invitation and other relevant documents for business trips. Usual processing time for a Bangladeshi visa is 10 working days. Therefore, applicants are requested to send their applications well in advance so that the Embassy can process the applications in a timely manner.

All visitors are eligible for tourist visa upon arrival. Landing permits, however, are usually given on a maximum duration of fifteen days.

Those who are landing to use Dhaka as a hub to visit a neighboring country in the region is allowed without a visa if the stay would not last longer than 72 hours. Otherwise, a multiple-entry transit visa has to be obtained before arrival.

If your intention is to obtain Bangladesh work visa, the sponsor must advice you regarding the requirements. All U.S. citizens who come to Bangladesh for work should obtain the necessary work permits and clearances upon arrival.

However, business travelers to Zia, Dhaka and Patenga are allowed landing permits by the Chief Immigration Officer provided that they will not stay longer than 15 days. Dual citizens are also exempted given that their passports are stamped with "No Visa Required".

Aside from the required Bangladesh visa, all foreigners are required to pay departure tax with an exemption on children under the age of two. This is often included in air fares. Otherwise, tax is collected at the airport during departure time. U.S. citizens are required the most expensive departure tax.

All visa requirements have to be settled before arrival. It is difficult to change immigration status once you have arrived in Bangladesh. Nonetheless, a Bangladesh visa that is about to expire may be extended at the Directorate of Immigration and Passport located at Dhaka. U.S. citizens are warned in relation to overstaying. Since 2006, Bangladesh has increased fines for more than 90 days of overstaying violation invoking the Foreigners Act of 1946. For more information on this, applicants should check with the nearest Bangladesh Embassy.

Exemptions on entry and exit requirements can be tackled in person. Visit the Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh at 3510 International Drive NW, Washington, DC 20008.

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