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Afghanistan Visa Information

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An Afghanistan visa is required of all American citizens who want to go to Afghanistan for any purpose. The visa can be obtained directly from the Afghan Embassy or Consulate.

Those who used to be Afghanistan citizens are allowed to stay in Afghanistan for a short period of time even without a visa. However, the duration of stay shall be determined by Afghanistan Immigration Authorities as soon as the visitor arrives.

Having a single entry Afghanistan tourist visa with a validity period of 3 months is a good choice for those visitors who wish to extend their stay in the country.

This visa gives you the permission to legally stay in Afghanistan for up to 30 days. Possible extension for this application can be granted once depending on an agreement between the Ministry of Interior and the Afghan Tourism Organization. Single-entry tourist visas with 30 days length of stay cost $160 based on reciprocity.

On the other hand, the basic single-entry long stay (business) visa is valid for 3 months and allows up to 90 or 180 days duration. This visa can be considered as an entry visa for work permit issued for business, economic, commercial, industrial, and cultural purposes whether for government or non-government organization.

Afghanistan business visa can be obtained from the Consulate Section of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The submission of requirements has to be initiated by the employer or sponsor. A letter of introduction should be given that would state the purpose and duration of trip of the applicant. Employer's sponsorship information and financial guarantee should also be included in the letter.

Additional documents are necessary to comply in terms of individual case application. Once incomplete documents have been sent, it will be returned to the applicant without being processed.

Another type of visa given to foreign nationals who have already entered Afghanistan is resident visa issued by the Ministry of Interior. This kind of visa is being issued to those who have decided to change a tourist or business visa for extension. The validity of residence visa is one year with 3 entries.

Afghan Missions issue transit visas to those who will pass through Afghanistan to another country. This type of visa is valid for 1 month and 3 days for those who travel by air and 6 days for those who will travel by land. The visa fee for Single Entry is US $80 and for Double Entry is US $150.

Afghanistan visa is also given to double-entry visitors in possession of any long stay visa. Diplomatic passport holders, for one, can get this from the Afghan Missions.

Another type of visa issued by Afghan Missions is service visa which is intended to those who have special or service passports. The same agency is also entitled to issue student visas given that the university or academic institution involved shall pursue the Cultural Relations Department of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All foreign nationals who came to the country with an entry Afghanistan business visa are issued an exit visa. This is valid within one to six days. In some cases, exit visas can be extended through an appeal. On the other hand, Afghans who have dual citizenship must obtain an exception letter from the Afghan Consulate in the U.S.

For further information on how to obtain Afghanistan visa and the general requirements needed, you may visit the website of the Embassy of Afghanistan in the U.S. You may also inquire in the Consular Office located at 2233 Wisconsin Ave., NW George Town Plaza Suite #216, Washington, DC 20007.

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