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We are currently not accepting new travel article submissions. If you would like share your travel experiences to generate an extra or full-time income, we recommend you consider Solo Build It.

< The travel article directory is created by our visitors for our visitors. Fellow travelers like yourself submit travel stories to help one another understand this wonderful world we live in and better prepare for traveling to international destinations. Give a little. Gain a lot. By writing and submitting your travel article, you can help hundreds or, even, thousands of others learn about places you have visited.

Benefits of Publishing Your Travel Articles

A recent article submitted to our article directory received more than 5,000 views in just 30 days. If you would like for your content to get this kind of exposure, submit your article for review.

If you have a travel website, there is the added benefit of getting incoming links. This can boost your search engine rankings and increase the number of visitors to your own site!

U.S. Passport Service Guide receives over 500,000 unique visitors a month. Our website an Alexa ranking of 81,644. This puts it in the top 1% of all websites on the internet.

Travel Article Submission Guidelines

Start by reading through the travel article guidelines below and, if you agree with them, submit your story. We try to review articles within 24-48 hours. If you want to receive a notice when your article has been published, be sure to include a valid e-mail address after submitting the article.

1. International Travel

The article must focus on international travel. Every article is reviewed and all those that are not related to international travel are deleted. The majority of visitors are American citizens who travel abroad. Therefore, articles about travel within the United States are not accepted.

2. Unique Content

You must be the author of any article you submit. We check the web for copies of submitted articles. If we find the same article with a different author or another article with the exact same content, the article will not be added to the directory.

3. Informative and Helpful

Your goal should be to engage your readers and help them in some way. Tell stories. Share tips. Give the good and the bad. Provide solutions. Offer recommendations. Self-promoting articles will not be posted. Articles that are nothing more than advertisements for travel services will be rejected.

4. 1000 Words or More

It's really not hard to write 1000 words when you are sharing from personal experience. In fact, you may find yourself writing a lot more. The minimum is required to help generate as many readers as possible. A survey of over 1 million web pages found that the average number of words to reach page one of Google was 1890. While the actual number varies by industry, the more QUALITY content you can include in your article, the greater the chance to attract targeted visitors, that is, people who are highly interested in your topic. This means more visitors to your website!

5. Family-Friendly

We do not accept articles that promote pornography, violence, hatred or such things. U.S. Passport Service Guide has the final word on what is included in "such things". We also do not accept article that include profanity.

6. Relevant Images

Research shows that images help attract the visitor's attention and engage them in the content. Make sure that you own the rights to the image. We will perform an image search of all images that are submitted. If we find copies of the images on other website that are not of your authorship, your article will not be accepted.

7. Links to Your Website

- You are welcome to include two links to your website in the story. No links are allowed in the first paragraph nor can both links be in the same paragraph. No redirects or affiliate links are allowed. We recommend that one link point to your homepage and the other link to an internal page on a related topic.

If you agree to the guidlines, then submit your travel article using the form below.

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This website is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.