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Mexico Travel Sites

Mexico’s tourism is very large, making it on the top of the list as the most visited tourist destination in the Latin American region. Surely, this country has lots to offer visitors who want to enjoy the relaxing beach resorts, its rich ruins and astonishing colonial cities. Uncover Mexico’s pride and see for yourself the beauty of this country.

Travel Sites about Mexico

Just Mexico
This online travel website intends to help vacationing travelers to make their visit in Mexico an unforgettable one. This site provides visitors with informative facts about the entire country and the major cities’ attractions. 

About Mexico
About Mexico is your comprehensive travel guide during your vacation in Mexico. This site offers vast information about Mexico’s history, cities, towns, different interesting places, exciting adventures you can enjoy in Mexico.

Mexico PR
This travel guide is a big help for travelers who want to enjoy the Mexico at its best. On this site, you will be provided with comprehensive yet basic information about Mexico.

Join Mexico is an online traveler’s guide about Mexico. Here visitors will be able to comprehend about Mexico’s tours, traveling tips, culture and beautiful beaches.

Mexico Eguide
Mexico is one of the most visited countries and there are numbers of interesting places you can tour all over the country. This travel guide offers vacationers with information about Mexico and the different cities with their different tourist attractions.

Popular Mexico Attractions

Swim with the Dolphins in Cabo San LucasSwim with the Dolphins in Cabo San Lucas

If you've ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, here's your chance to turn your dreams into reality! The Swim with the Dolphins program offers you the rare opportunity to swim and play with beautiful Pacific Bottlenose dolphins while visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Situated in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, this program is one of the most exclusive and beautiful dolphin centers in the world, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and a friendly family of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins!

Your dolphin swim program begins with an educational presentation in the specially designed educational pool. This introduction will give you a deeper understanding of the Pacific Bottlenose dolphins' physiology and environment.

Following the orientation, you'll begin the thrilling dolphin swimming experience. You'll first become acquainted with your dolphin through petting, hugs and kisses. Dolphins are as curious about us as we are about them and they will offer their sleek, graceful bodies to be stroked and gently petted. Then, taking the relationship one step further, you'll have time to swim and play with your dolphin while experiencing the thrill of up-close and personal contact with these fascinating marine mammals.

The Swim with Dolphins program is one of the most unique experiences and exciting tours in Cabo San Lucas, offering you a thrilling day that you'll cherish for the rest of your life! In order to give you the maximum opportunity to interact amongst these lovable creatures, group sizes are kept to a minimum on all of our dolphin swimming sessions.

The bar and restaurant is also open from 9:00am - 5:00pm daily. Sit down and relax, select a drink from the full drink menu and enjoy a sumptuous snack.

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Tulum and Xel-Ha All Inclusive Day Trip from CancunTulum and Xel-Ha All Inclusive Day Trip from Cancun

Discover the mysterious beauty of Tulum and the stunning, natural Xel-Ha aquarium. This relaxing, all inclusive excursion from Cancun or Playa del Carmen will give you the opportunity to explore the spectacular Mexican landscape and natural aquatic life. This family friendly excursion is sure to leave the entire family in awe!

Tulum's close proximity to Cancun and the azure backdrop of the Caribbean Sea makes it the most visited of the Mayan sites in the Yucatan. Tulum flourished in late Post-classical times with buildings dating back to the 12th century. It was once an important trading port, one of the few Mayan cities still inhabited when the Spaniards arrived. Mounted on the edge of a cliff, this abandoned city towers above the beautiful white sandy beach, where the sun rises from the sea above the city walls.

You'll have a 45 minute guided tour of Tulum before departing for the short drive to Xel-Ha. Your guide will point out important sites, explaining the historical significance of buildings such as the Castle, the Temple of the Masks and the God Chaac.

A 20 minute drive will take you to the incredible natural aquatic theme park created by the Mayan gods themselves: Xel-Ha. This special place gathers the best of the Mexican Caribbean all in one place.

Home a wide variety of colorful tropical fish, you can learn how to snorkel and observe the different species up close. You'll explore cenotes (underground caves) or simply sit in one of the beach chairs and soak up the sun along the spectacular coastline!

Underground rivers flowing out to the beautiful Caribbean Sea feed an environment of creeks, lagoons, natural wells and ancient caves. Explore the underwater world by snorkeling and coming face to face with exotic underwater flora and fauna such as curious rays and French Angel fish. Other activities include cliff diving, rope bridge walking, and bicycling, kayaking, and much more.

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Caribbean Combo - Sailing, Snorkeling and SunsetCaribbean Combo - Sailing, Snorkeling and Sunset

This Caribbean tour is a combination of all the must do activities in Cozumel! Start with snorkeling the crystal clear turquoise waters at the famous reef locations of Palancar and Colombia, before getting back on board the 65ft (19 meters) catamaran to set sail into the Caribbean sunset, enjoying Mexican beers, margaritas and entertaining music!

Marvel at mother nature's underwater wonders as you snorkel at these fantastic spots. After snorkeling, the free bar opens and you can enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sunset. Cozumel is well known for sunsets over her glimmering turquoise waters.

Enjoy great music as we sail along the shore enjoying the shimmering island lights. Free Mexican beer, zesty margaritas, sodas, purified water and ice are served by our uniformed and friendly bilingual crew who ensure a fun time for all.

Each catamaran has two restrooms and fresh water for showering off.

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Mexico Vacation Preparation

FREE Spanish Course
One of the bestselling Spanish courses available offers a free 6-day trial. Take advantage of this offer to learn a few important Spanish phrases. Knowing some of the language can make a big difference in your vacation experience.

Travel Sites about Cities in Mexico

Mexico City
Mexico City, known as the largest city, is the capital of Mexico. Browse this travel site and discover the splendor of this city.

Explore Guadaljara
An online travel guide that aims to explore the city of Guadaljara in Mexico. This site provides information on the city’s attractions, history, facts and images.

All about Monterrey
Monterrey is the second largest metropolis area in Mexico. With its rich culture and scenic landscape you will, undoubtedly, fulfill your desire for a dream vacation. Visit All about Monterrey travel guide to get information, videos and photos of the city.

Puebla Mexico
Puebla is the state situated in the center east of Mexico. This travel site offers plentiful information about Puebla in Mexico.

Cancun is known to be a coastal city in Mexico. And this travel guide intends to provide comprehensive list of information about Cancun’s water sports, archeological sites and eco-parks.

All about Acapulco
The metropolis of Acapulco is the main seaport in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coastline of Mexico. Browse All about Acapulco’s site to get helpful facts about this superb place and various kinds of activities you can enjoy while staying in the city.

Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza is the one of the most visited attractions in Mexico. Learn more about Chichen Itza’s history, location and other important information about this wonderful place.

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres is a Spanish term for Women Island. On this travel guide, visitors can plan their vacation on Isla Mujeres by means of useful information to make their vacation an enjoyable one.

All about Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican beach resort metropolis that is located on Bahía de Banderas of Pacific Ocean. Discover the beauty of Puerto Vallarta by browsing this travel site.

All about Mazatlan is a travel guide that is especially made for visitors of Mazatlan in Mexico. This site offers information about Mazatlan, vacation packages and blogs.

The state of Zacatecas is situated in the northern region of Mexico, which boasts its rich culture and history to vacationers who come to visit to this place. Visit this travel site and be provided with important information about the state and the things it can present to visitors.
Go-Oaxaca is a tourist information site that primarily addresses visitors’ needs by giving them selected tourist information, which can be of big help to make their stay and experience worthwhile.

Travel Chiapas
A travel guide named Travel Chiapas that caters visitors’ queries offering them all the information they need throughout their vacation in the stunning Chiapas Mexico.

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