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Embassy Links

The embassy links below are for countries that require Americans to obtain a business visa in order to enter and participate in business negotiations. Along with the embassy links, you will find links to online requirements and applications for expediting your business visa. An expediter offers quickness, convenience and security. If needed, they provide passport expediting services also.

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Country Embassy Link Apply for Visa
Afghanistan Afghanistan Embassy Afghanistan Visa
Algeria Algeria Embassy Algeria Visa
Angola Angola Embassy Angola Visa
ArgentinaArgentina EmbassyArgentina Visa
Australia Australian Embassy Australia Visa
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Embassy Azerbaijan Visa
Bahrain Bahrain Embassy Bahrain Visa
Bangladesh Bangladesh Embassy Bangladesh Visa
Belarus Belarus Embassy Belarus Visa
Benin Benin Embassy Benin Visa
BhutanBhutan EmbassyBhutan Visa
Bolivia Bolivia Embassy Bolivia Visa
Brazilian Brazilian Embassy Brazil Visa
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Embassy Burkina Faso Visa
Burundi Burundi Embassy Burundi Visa
Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)Cabo Verde EmbassyCabo Verde Visa
Cambodia Cambodia Embassy Cambodia Visa
Cameroon Cameroon Embassy Cameroon Visa
Central African Republic (CAR)(202) 483–7800 / 7801CAR Visa
Chad Chad Embassy Chad Visa
China Chinese Embassy China Visa
ColombiaColombia EmbassyColombia Visa
Comoros(212) 972-8010Comoros Visa
Congo, Democratic Republic of  Democratic Republic of Congo Embassy Democratic Republic of the Congo Visa
Congo, Republic of Congo Embassy Congo Visa
CubaCuban EmbassyCuba Visa
Republic of Djibouti (202) 331-0270 Republic of Djibouti Visa
Egypt Egypt Embassy Egypt Visa
EritreaEritrea EmbassyEritrea Visa
Ethiopia Ethiopian Embassy Ethiopia Visa
Gabon Gabon Embassy Gabon Visa
Gambia Gambia Embassy Gambia Visa
Ghana Ghana Embassy Ghana Visa
Guinea Guinea Embassy Guinea Visa
Guinea-Bissau No Embassy in the US Guinea-Bissau Visa
India Indian Embassy India Visa
Indonesia Indonesia Embassy Indonesia Visa
IranIran EmbassyIran Visa
IraqIraq EmbassyIraq Visa
Ivory CoastIvory Coast EmbassyIvory Coast Visa
Jordan Jordan Embassy Jordan Visa
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Embassy Kazakhstan Visa
Kenya Kenya Embassy Kenya Visa
Kuwait Kuwait Embassy Kuwait Visa
Laos Laos Embassy Laos Visa
Lebanon Lebanon Embassy Lebanon Visa
Liberia Liberia Embassy Liberia Visa
LibyaLibya EmbassyLibya Visa
Madagascar Madagascar Embassy Madagascar Visa
MalawiMalawi EmbassyMalawi Visa
MaldivesMaldives EmbassyMaldives Visa
Mali Mali Embassy Mali Visa
Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands EmbassyMarshall Islands Visa
Mauritania (202) 232-5700 Mauritania Visa
Mozambique Mozambique Embassy Mozambique Visa
Myanmar Myanmar Embassy Myanmar Visa
NamibiaNamibia EmbassyNamibia Visa
Nauru(212) 937-0074Nauru Visa
Nepal Nepal Embassy Nepal Visa
Niger Niger Embassy Niger Visa
Nigerian Nigerian Embassy Nigeria Visa
North Korea(212) 972-3105North Korea Visa
Oman Oman Embassy Oman Visa
Pakistan Pakistan Embassy Pakistan Visa
Papua New Guinea (PNG)PNG EmbassyPNG Visa
Paraguay Paraguay Embassy Paraguay Visa
Peru Embassy Peru Embassy Peru Visa
Philippines Philippine Embassy Philippines Visa
Qatar Qatar Embassy Qatar Visa
Russian Russian Embassy Russia Visa
RwandaRwanda EmbassyRwanda Visa
Sao Tome and PrincipeNo Embassy in the USSao Tome and Principe Visa
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Embassy Saudi Arabia Visa
Sierra LeoneSierra Leone EmbassySierra Leone Visa
Somalia(212) 688-9410Somalia Visa
South SudanSouth Sudan EmbassySouth Sudan Visa
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Embassy Sri Lanka Visa
Sudan Sudan Embassy Sudan Visa
Suriname Suriname Embassy Suriname Visa
Syria Syria Embassy Syria Visa
Tajikistan Tajikistan Embassy Tajikistan Visa
Tanzania Tanzania Embassy Tanzania Visa
Thailand Thailand Embassy Thailand Visa
Timor LesteTimor Leste EmbassyTimor Leste Visa
Togo Togo Embassy Togo Visa
Turkey Turkey Embassy Turkey Visa
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Embassy Turkmenistan Visa
Tuvalu(212) 490-0534Tuvalu Visa
Uganda Uganda Embassy Uganda Visa
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Embassy United Arab Emirates Visa
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Embassy Uzbekistan Visa
Venezuela Venezuela Embassy Venezuela Visa
Vietnam Vietnam Embassy Vietnam Visa
Yemen Yemen Embassy Yemen Visa
Zambia Zambia Embassy Zambia Visa
Zimbabwe (202) 332-7100 Zimbabwe Visa

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