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When is the Best Time to Travel to Brazil?

Large crowd on a Brazilian beach during holiday season.

The question of what is the best time to travel to Brazil can only be answered according to your personal preferences. For instance, if your main concern is affordability, your time of travel will not be the same as someone seeking to enjoy high tourist capacity during festivals and so on. Price, holidays, weather and so many other factors have an influence on your experience. Read the information below to help you determine what is the best time to go to Brazil for you.

When Is The Weather Best In Brazil?

Generally speaking, Brazil's climate is usually very warm and pleasant throughout the year. However, because of the size of the country, different regions will experience different climates during the same time period, so you really need to know which specific parts of Brazil you are going to visit.

The seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern hemisphere.

  • Summer: 22 Dec-21 March
  • Autumn: 22 March-21 June
  • Winter: 22 June-21 Sep
  • Spring: 22 Sep-21 Dec

Central Brazil is usually drier than the rest of the country, which tends to be very tropical. Rio de Janeiro is extremely stifling in the middle of summer while summers closer to the equator are more pleasant with temperatures of 30C, a breeze and less humidity. The Rainy Season In Brazil is as follows:

  • North: January-April
  • Northeast: April-July
  • Midwest: December-March
  • Southeast: November-March
  • South: December-March

When Is It More Affordable To Travel To Brazil?

Brazil's busiest season is from mid-December to the end of February. This is when tourists flock there, especially Rio, for a summer holiday, so flights, accommodation, food and tourist sites are generally more expensive due to the increase in demand. The month of July is also a peak travel period as well as holiday weekends. The low season is far less crowded and quite a bit more affordable. The best time to visit Brazil in terms of affordability is from March to June and then again from August to September. The exception are holiday weekends.

When Is the Funnest Time to Travel to Brazil?

Since a large part of Brazil experiences a tropical climate, most any time of the year is great for outdoor activities like hanging out at the beach, riding the dunes, sailing, fishing, sightseeing, etc. There are many activities that occur and attractions that are open only during specific times of the year. For example, many waterparks only open during summer months and the month of July when schools have a month-long break.

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Amazon?

If your main reason for visiting Brazil is to view the Amazon, then you'll want to avoid rainy periods from December to May. March to June is cooler and water plants are in full flourish. Low water periods (July-February) offer fewer mosquitos, clearer observation of some aquatic life and are better for swimming and fishing, however temperatures are quite high during this period. Speak to a travel agent in the know or do further research to come up with your own tailor-made excursion.

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