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Wales Travel Sites

The country of Wales is situated on the western point of the Great Britain Island. It is rich in natural wonders, history and unique culture that are the reason why tons of visitors are fascinated to this beautiful country. Experience the beauty of Wales by exploring the travel sites below.

Travel Sites about Wales

Wales Cymru is an online travel site that presents Wales to the outside world. This guide is a great help for those who want to visit Wales, which provides information about the country’s history and many other facts to make their stay more enjoyable.

Visit Wales is a travel guide that helps travelers from across the globe enjoys Wales. Drop by on this site and be provided with top quality information about the country’s history, literature, legends, cuisines, and much more.

Visit Wales
This vacation guide caters individuals and families who are preparing to spend their holidays in the breath-taking country of Wales. This site have all kinds of information that every individual and family needs all throughout their vacation.

Wales Directory
Wales Directory is a one-stop travel guide for those visitors who plan to have a fun filled tour in Wales.  They have various kinds of useful facts about this country and all the accommodations and attractions it can offer to its visitors.

Travel Sites about Cities in Wales

Cardiff World
Cardiff is the largest and the capital city of Wales. It is the important tourism hub and the most visited metropolitan in Wales. This travel site presents information about Cardiff’s history, education, sports and the people residing in this city.

Cardiff Castle
Cardiff castle, situated in the hub of the city, is one of the famous tourist destinations in the city of Cardiff. During your visit in this spectacular castle you will find a lot of informative facts that will be helpful in knowing Cardiff castle.

The metropolis of Newport is the third most crowded city in Wales. Learn more about Newport’s history, way of living, community, education and its industry by browsing this travel site.

Anglesey-History is an online travel guide that contains helpful information about the Isle of Anglesey. Browse this site to discover Anglesey’s rich history.

The small village of Aberffraw is situated on the southwest coastline of the Anglesey Island. Uncover this beautiful place by visiting this travel guide that provides travelers with information and photos about this rich community.

The town of Holyhead is regarded as the largest municipality in the region of Anglesey. On this site, visitors will benefit from this site’s tourist information, history collection and images.

Visit Caernarfon
Caernarfon is known as a Royal municipality and port in Gwynedd, Wales. This place has a lot to present to visitors who want to see and explore this magnificent town.

Nanteos Mansion is a large 18th century house mansion that now operates as a hotel. It is a perfect place for weddings, parties, events and it even serves as a haven for those who want to experience the life in countryside.

Devil’s Bridge Falls
Devil’s Bridge Falls is placed in the small municipality of Devil's Bridge. Visitors know this unique waterfall for generations. If you want to have a remarkable visit in Wales, try visiting this site to know more about this God given attraction.

Arts Wales is online Arts Council in Wales. This site aims to help the arts in this country by developing and funding them. Visit this site and be guided with their objectives in making a difference out of Wales’ arts.

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