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Visa FAQ - Get Answers to Your Travel Visa Questions

Due to the many visa questions, we created this directory of answers to frequently asked questions about entry visas. Our site offers three places that you might look to find visa information for the countries you plan to visit.

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How many blank pages are needed for visas (I only have 2 pages left)? 
Question: We travel extensively - our passports run out in 2 and 5 years, but we have only 2 blank pages left. How blank pages are necessary?Answer: …

Can I visit Iran and Azerbaijan then back to Iran before flying back to the U.S.? 
Question: Can I visit Iran for two weeks and then fly 50-minutes to Azerbaijan for a week and then back to Iran for a day before flying back to the U.S.? …

What happens to my unexpired visas in my old passport?  
Question: I changed my name through the courts and have to get a new passport. But I have a 10-year visa to India that doesn't expire for a while and …

Can valid visas from foreign countries be transfered to a new passport? 
Question: I will have to renew my existing passport and have some visas that have not expired yet. Since these cost time and money, what can be done …

What do I need to get a visa to Saudi Arabia? 
Question: We are a software company trying to open our market in the Middle East. Our local agent requested and secured a Visa approval from Saudi Aramco. …

Is there a Thailand consulate in Texas? 
Question: I am going to Austin, Texas soon and want to get a 2-month tourist visa to Thailand. Is there a Thai consulate that I can go to in either …

How do I apply for a tourist visa to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? 
Question: I am planning to visit my students for a 2-week vacation in December (not business)from the USA to Jeddah, Kuwait, Qatar, and Dubai. Do I need …

Chinese visa requirements for child adopted from China but American citizen 
Question: Hi. We will travel for vacation to China. My daughter was born in China, she is adopted and is an American citizen with a US passport. Do …

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