How to Use an RSS Feed Reader

RSS is an anacronym that stands for either Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. Although both are used, the second is more popular.

Basically, RSS feeds are a quick and easy way for publishers and authors to syndicate, that is, propogate their writings.

After writing content, they make an RSS feed and then submit it to RSS feed directories. Any internaut who visits these feed directories can grab the feed and add it to an RSS "reader" or "aggregator".

Benefits of RSS feeds.

You save time. Instead of visiting tens or, even, hundreds of different web sites to get the latest news, the latest updates all come to you.

You get the content you want. You are free to choose the RSS feeds you want to add to your reader.

No SPAM. The news you get is the news you choose. Nothing else gets by.

3 Steps to Setting Up Your Own RSS Reader

Step 1: Download an RSS Reader

An RSS Reader or "aggregator" is a software program that fetches and organizes recent content from the feeds you added to it.

There are numerous RSS Readers available. The one I use is RSS Reader for Windows. You can download it for free here.

NOTE: Step one of the download instructions ask you to install Microsoft .NET Framework. You may have it on your computer already. Ignore this step here. If you need it, you can install it later.

If you have a Mac, I suggest NetNewsWire. You can download it here.

If you use Linus, I recommend Liferea. You can download it here.

Step 2: Install the RSS Reader

Find the folder where you placed the RSS Reader program. If you downloaded the .exe file, double click to begin the installation process. If you downloaded the zip file, unzip it and then double click to begin the installation.

If a message appears informing you that you need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework, don't click on the button to visit Microsoft's web site. The link takes you to a page that no longer has the program you need. Instead, go here.

Click on the download button in the right column and then click "Install". The program is more than 23MB so, depending on your connection speed, it may take a while to complete.

Once you have .NET Framework installed, return to the folder where you saved the RSS Reader and install it.

Step 3: Add RSS Feeds

Open RSS Reader. Click "+ Feed" on the toolbar. In the new window type [] without the brackets (or copy and paste it). Click next. Close window. You have just added your first feed.

To add more feeds either look for a hyperlink or images like these on web sites you visit or go to an RSS feed directory such as

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