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Travel to Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City VietnamYou simply must travel to Vietnam soon and see the stunning country that has so much history and culture. There is so much to see and do as well, whether you seek beaches, museums or shops, there is plenty to see and do for all travelers. Some locations to see include:

The Reunification Palace is an ancient building that is set in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. It was originally built as home and work place of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh himself. The Palace is now home to special collections of old radios and telephones. If you are looking for a holiday Vietnam would be an excellent choice, to educate and entertain.

  Take a trip to Vung Tau, the old resort town set in the province of Dong Nai which is 125 km from Saigon City. The town has a long beachfront and is 14 km long and 6 km wide and at the south end of the town there is the ocean and two sheer mountains; Nui Lon (Large Mountain) and Nui Nho (Small Mountain). The town of Vung Tau used to be popular with the elite residents of Vietnam. The first hotel was built in the 1870's and there used to be a spa resort which served French government officials. Now the town has holiday homes that have been built by people coming in from Saigon. Vung Tau now has some modern convenient hotels set on its three main beaches. The town also has many pagodas and temples, many of which back onto the mountains and face the blue ocean.

You can also visit the Thai Hoa Palace, which is also called the Palace of Supreme Peace and was built in 1805. There are two separate halls; the front hall or antechamber and the main hall, where the king's throne is located, which is the most important part of the royal palace. This was used for all of the king's official receptions and any other royal occasions like anniversaries and coronations.

In January and February, New Year is celebrated and the local people amass on the streets to rejoice. This New Year holiday season is full of color, music, food and enthusiastic celebrations.

After your visit, you will wish that that you could enjoy all your holidays Vietnam style, that is to say full of color, lots of interesting and entertaining things to do, amazing architecture, ancient history and rich culture!

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This website is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.