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Travel Forums for International Travelers

Join in a travel forum and get answers to your questions. Pick up some helpful tips and make friends with fellow travelers from around the world. Choose from the links below to find a topic that interests you.


Find valuable answers to your questions about travel to Africa from real life travelers to have either been or still are somewhere in the continent. Topics range from ideal destinations, recommended agencies, best time to travel and advice for first time travelers, among others.


Tagged as the "original Asia travel intelligence you can trust", the site has separate forums for each country in Asia containing expert advice from travelers, bloggers, locals and other tourism-involved entities. Replies are almost always guaranteed for all questions/topic posted.


A collection of questions and knowledgeable answers about everything you need to know about travel to the Caribbean. Users can narrow down searches by islands, see recent popular topics and preview articles posted by members on the forum's main page.

Mexico and Central America

View, post and provide answers to a variety of topics all related to travel to Central America and Mexico. See related discussions per country in the region, recent travel bulletins and even detailed travel stories from users who have actually been there.

Europe - UK and Ireland

This is Lonely Planet's venue for real travelers and travel experts to post questions and discuss issues related to travel in the UK and Ireland. Discussions cover various topics free tours, walking tours, pets in hotels, daily itineraries and even where to buy a car for traveling around the continent.

Europe - France, Spain and the rest

Travel authority Rick Steves gathers a community of travelers and other experts to exchange views on a wide variety of topics that cover almost every aspect of travel to Europe. Users may visit and participate in country-specific discussions, provide tips and updates and even read and write reviews for hotels and restaurants.

Middle East

A source of valuable information about details overlooked by most travel guides like taboos when traveling to certain areas/countries in the continent, what to avoid in marketplaces and how to load credits to train cards. Questions almost get plenty of answers from legitimate travelers so this is a great place to get useful tips and information.


Find useful, practical information and advice from real people about various topics concerning travel to Canada. Discuss anything from accommodations, specific attractions, itineraries, even packing lists. The community is made of members from all over the world so it is almost guaranteed that questions will get legitimate answers when posted.

United States

Travel authority TripAdvisor's United States travel forums are divided into sub-forums for each State for easier navigation. With thousands of posts and topics, all relevant questions will definitelbe answered by credible entities on this website.


This website welcomes discussions on various travel-related subject. People interested in travel to Australia may post questions, provide valuable information and start surveys regarding accommodations, transport, current weater, entry/exit requirements and even recommended packing lists.

New Zealand and Pacific Islands

The forum covers Australia, New Zealans and The Pacific with topics like solo travel, travel insurance, flights and travel packages and even working in the region. Users may also ask for advice on travel budgets, best time to travel and even look for companions to split expenses with.

South America

Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forum on South America includes detailed guides and Frequently Asked Questions that make for easy location of answers. Users can also post questions and/or provide answers regarding a myriad of topics related to travel within the region. The page also provides updates on entry/exit requirements.

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